5 Times Rakhi Sawant Has Been Ridiculously EPIC!

Credit - Zainab Haji

Rakhi Sawant and her verbal diarrhea leave us celeb-buzz lovers rolling on the floor laughing! Why you ask? Well, there have been times more than one where she has made statements that challenge logic and everything sane!

Here are 5 such quotes by Rakhi Sawant that are so bad they’re actually good!

  1. Because banning ceiling fans will decrease the suicide rate in India. Rakhi Sawant
  2. Her comment on the AIB roast – EPIC! Rakhi Sawant 2
  3. R.I.P Michael Jackson! Rakhi Sawant 3
  4. Because Baba Ramdev is so hot! Rakhi Sawant 4
  5. Wish the same for a brain… Rakhi Sawant 5
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