5 thoughts you have when you accidentally leave your phone at home

In this phone-obsessed age, our beloved cell-phone is like a baby. The thought of leaving our phone at home makes us go into a panic attack! And the day you do…you feel like you’re naked in public. Everything just stops and you simply don’t know how to function as a normal human being! Here are 5 typical thoughts everyone has when they ‘accidentally’ leave their phones at home! If you’ve been through the horror, you’ll surely relate to these.

  • Your phone is at home, and your mother might go through all your messages with your Girlfriend/Boyfriend. Looks like somebody’s gonna get hurt real bad!


  • Now that you don’t have a phone, how will you kill time during that long, tedious train/bus journey? Well…I guess you would have to just look outside the train track and stare at the people pooping. KICKASS start to the day!


  • Admit it; you will be wondering all day long what’s happening on that whatsapp group! Gah! What if there’s some big news or gossip? Looks like you’ll be the last one to know now. But look on the brighter side; at least you won’t have to reply back to those forwarded messages on your family group! #SAVED


  • What if you miss that important interview call that you’d been waiting for, for sooo many days? Good going buddy, you just dug your own grave, now lie in it!


  • What if that amazing ex-girlfriend that you never got over decides to call you and get back with you? Guess you missed that opportunity, bro!


All we can say is that you can get rid of that filthy smoking habit, but you can never get rid of your phone. Eh?