5 Things We Feel After Looking at the Game of Thrones Promo Poster

Did the last episode of Game of Thrones’ fifth season make you cry or angry or both? Did you feel like asking the creators of the show, “WHAT THE HECK WERE YOU THINKING?!” Well, we felt exactly the same! But, looks like the creators of the show are hinting at something! The new promo poster for the sixth season features Jon Snow and that itself gives us so much hope to survive until the season starts!

  1. Jon Snow is ALIVE! No death in Game of Thrones affected us as much as Jon Snow’s. No, not even the Red Wedding! This new poster shows that the character might just be alive. JON SNOW. ALIVE. Enough said! 1 Jon Snow
  2. Winning Winterfell Jon Snow being alive gives us hope about one thing: him taking revenge! And while he is at it, he will totally win Winterfell and rule it #LikeAStark (even if he is not really a Stark)! 2 Winterfell
  3. Family Reunion We can’t bear to see the Stark kids apart, each suffering in different parts of the kingdom. We have a feeling that at least some of them will find each other in the sixth season. We are hoping for a celebration, but definitely not a wedding! 3 Family Reunion
  4. Bloodshed The blood on Jon Snow’s face says it all! But it’s Game of Thrones we are talking about, so what else could we expect? 4 Bloodshed
  5. You know something, Jon Snow! Remember when two people – Ygritte and Melisandre – told Jon Snow that he knows nothing? Looks like they were wrong! We think that Jon Snow does know something and that’s the reason he is back! We wonder what though! 5 You know nothing

So if you have been upset over Jon Snow’s death since the past six months, have hope, because Jon Snow might be coming!