5 Shocking Bad Trip Stories from Stoners

That high you get after smoking up is so mellow and chill and pleasant, isn’t it? Turns out, not everything is peachy, not even weed trips. Smokers who have an excessive amount of caffeine or any other stimulant drug present in their systems along with THC, can fall victim to a bad trip, which includes headaches, a racing heart, high levels of anxiety, and even panic attacks.

Most of us never even brush past a bad high, and we should count ourselves as fortunate. You’ll appreciate it too when you read these shocking stories:

  1. My husband gets medicinal marijuana and I sometimes smoke with him if I feel like it. Two days ago he was rolling some joints and he made one for me just in case I wanted to smoke while he was at work. He told me it was Pandora’s Box, which I’ve had before. Later that night, I decided to light it up. I was outside for about 10-15 minutes and smoked half of it when I decided to be done and go inside. It was a normal high, I was feeling good and walked into the kitchen and was rummaging around for some snacks. When suddenly it hit me like a ton of bricks. I had to stop what I was doing because I was blacking out, and I felt like time was skipping every 10 seconds. This has happened once before, years ago. All I had to do was wait for it to pass. It never did. It got worse this time. I sat on the couch and I was trying to text my husband and I was "skipping" so much I was repeating words over and over. Then, I started to feel my head and legs twitching and jerking.
    This lasted about 45 minutes, the heat, the shivering, time skipping, panicking. An hour into it husband was finally home, I was coming down from it, still twitching, but I was able to talk normal. This might have scared me off of weed forever.
    source - videoblocks.com

  2. The only time I really had bad experiences on weed was during a period of time a few months into heavily smoking – my first marijuana winter. For about a month, I would always uncontrollably imagine being impaled or dismembered, and it was so vivid I would feel the sensations, without the pain. It would make me really uncomfortable and freaked out because I'd be sitting there in the car with my friends and then suddenly imagine, say, a long, paper-thin spike coming through the window and spearing me through the eyeball, and slowly working its way through the back of my head, and I'd feel that terrible sensation. After a month that stopped and it's never happened again.
    source - pexels.com

  3. I had just moved to my dad's house and his girlfriend was a total pothead. So the first day I move there I ask his girlfriend if I could smoke some pot. So in the morning we smoke a joint. It doesn’t do much to me. Then a few hours later we go down to the beach and score some weed. We smoke it right there on the beach, hidden of course. Again it doesn't do much to me. Then around 7pm a guy comes around our pad with some pot. This was my 3rd time smoking that day and I was a newbie. So this last joint I say screw it and went balls out. Took like 10 long hits of it. Then I had the munchies bad. My dad’s girlfriend makes us quesadillas to eat and everything is funny as hell: I’m laughing at everything. Then the pot guy leaves and it’s just me and her in the living room. My dad is asleep in the back. Around 8pm, I go lay down and start to fall asleep in front of the TV. I nod off and suddenly I’m in a time warp going a million miles per hour through the galaxy. Then I get up and something is definitely wrong. It’s like I wasn't there. Time has slowed down to a crawl, a minute seemed like 2 life times. Everything happening 1,000 times over and over and over. I began freaking. I go into the bathroom and suddenly it’s like I’m being flushed down the toilet. Then I realize that I don't exist. I’m in another universe 1,000,000,000,000 miles away from earth. My mind and body isn’t one. I have visions of me in straightjacket in a psych ward at the hospital. My dad’s girlfriend gave me some cold medicine and I went to sleep. This lasted 30 minutes.
    source - rebloggy.com

  4. During my first ever proper weed experience, I was having these blackouts that felt like about a minute each. I would have dreams of me spinning around on a stage, sitting down with a large audience watching me from the darkness (these blackouts only lasted the length of each blink of my eyes). I was about 10 minutes into it and it felt like it was 7 hours.
    Just the other day I was walking around town stoned and I saw a dead girl scream and run towards me before grabbing me to pull me away from the road - making me jump. I felt like a complete moron for freaking out in public when nothing happened.
    This other time I saw a white ghost walk past my bathroom.
    source - diagn0sis.tumblr.com

  5. After I finished smoking one, I knew something was wrong. I immediately started to feel dizzy and not quite right. Within 2 minutes everything became extremely hazy, and I started to tweak out, my friend trying to calm me down and say I was just really high. I said okay, I'll be fine I just need to sleep. After I went upstairs, something set me off and suddenly I started to spaz out upstairs. I was tripping so hard I thought I had just killed myself and for the following 5 hours, I WAS dead, and spiraling through hell, occasionally coming back to reality just as a tease before sucking me back into what I remember being the most excruciating, never ending pain. Anybody that came to talk to me looked like a demon from hell and it only got worse. I started screaming and becoming very aggressive and saying things. I just knew that I was dead, and saw my whole life play out like a movie as I continued to spiral down into hell. I thought my whole life was just a joke because I was actually in hell, and my life never even existed. After about 5 hours of this I fell asleep for maybe an hour after having the peak of my attacks where I thought I hit rock bottom of the pits of hell and saw the face of Satan laughing at me as I writhed in pain. When I finally woke, I knew either I was completely dead now, or that I finally returned from the trip. But then I started tripping again. I was questioning everything about my entire life until I finally came out of it almost 36 hours later.
    source - wifflegif.com

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