5 Reasons That Prove ‘It’s ok not to have a Baby’

Planning to have babies? Well, think twice! Here are some of the many reasons we came up with about why you should NOT have kids!

  1. The World Can’t Afford It As of today, there are 7.3 billion people living on this planet. Yes, BILLION. Having a baby in such an overpopulated world is not a very good idea, is it? Besides, show some love for Mother Earth! 1 Overpopulated world
  2. You Can’t Afford It You are in your mid-20s and struggling to look after yourself, paying all your bills and loans. Do you know what having a baby could do to your savings? You will be spending your money as quickly as your baby will need diapers. GAAAAAAAAH! 2 Money
  3. Think About Your Body You don’t want to know what childbirth does to a woman’s body! You are still young, go out and have fun while it lasts! There’s going to be plenty of time to have kids but that time is not now! Before thirty, only PARTYYYYYYYYY! 3 Think about your body
  4. Smelly, messy, dirty, EW! If you are a cleanliness freak, you need to think twice before having a baby! Babies mean handling messy stuff all the time. You want to be absolutely prepared before taking on a huge responsibility like raising a child! 4 Messy
  5. Because everybody is Telling You To! The most important reason not to have kids is because everyone is telling (pressuring) you to. Don’t let others tell you how or when or why you should have kids! It’s your life, not theirs! Keep calm and ignore, unless you really, like really want to! 5 Advice

Parenting is a joy in itself but we bet it's not going to be easy! So, before you take the big step, ask yourself this: are you ready? If you are, awesome! But if you aren't, don't fret, there's still plenty of time to prepare yourself for the responsibility!