5 Reasons It’s OK to Date Someone you don’t Intend to Marry

Love at first sight, but not for long!

In times when marriages are shorter than a tweet, it’s wise to date someone without wanting to get married right away!

So don’t judge yourself, and definitely don’t judge others. It’s absolutely fine to date without any intentions of marriage. Here are 5 reasons to WHY:

  1. Just because you are not planning to get married to someone doesn’t mean your relationship cannot be meaningful and satisfying. There’s nothing wrong in simply wanting to be with someone because you love their company and love to hang out all day long. Marriage can wait!
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  2. It’s important to date many people before realizing what you want from relationships. Unless you date someone without commitment, how would you know about your expectations? What if you commit and you change your mind or they turn out to be losers AF? Date people without intentions of marriage because when the time comes, you would know who the real winner is. Good vibes ahead!
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  3. Because you just don’t want to get married, like ever, so does that mean you will stay single forever? NO! Set yourself free.
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  4. Because, great sex cannot be denied. Some people might be just so good in bed but not good enough for your appetite. Don’t throw away your shot to fulfilling orgasms for commitments that are not guaranteed. You got this!
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  5. Pay attention! You are not placed in life wherein you can or want to exchange rings. SIMPLE! There may be other more priority situations you need to address first before you call it commitments! Bookmark this!
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This is so much TRUTH!