5 Power Foods your Fridge should Always be Filled with

Are you a guiltless foodie? Well, we still love you, but we do care. While you cherish your foodgasms, here are some power foods you should pile up in your fridge to retain the good health, and of course cut down on that guilt a bit. They may seem ordinary but they are packed with abundant nutritional value.

  1. Beans – They are the super source of fibre and protein, besides zinc, iron and magnesium. Mmmmm, don’t forget chickpeas.
    Source - aggieskitchen.com Source - aggieskitchen.com
  2. Berries – Easy to fall in love with, berries have more antioxidant power than most other fruits. They help combat cancer, boost brain power and keep your heart healthy.
    Source - valuenetworkissues.blogspot.in Source - valuenetworkissues.blogspot.in
  3. Canned Salmon – Nothing like it! Fish is the perfect source of Omega-3s. It reduces your risk of heart strokes and increase happy mood brain chemical. And since it’s wild and not farmed, you could be proud of making a sustainable seafood choice.
    Source - myfoodchannel.com Source - myfoodchannel.com
  4. Kiwi – We bet, you didn’t expect this! Rich in potassium and Vitamin C, Kiwis are a nutrient dense food; they are high in nutrients and low in calories. They are great for maintaining healthy skin tone and texture, reducing blood pressure and preventing heart disease and stroke.
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  5. Eggs – Bachelors Delight! Having an egg a day keeps the doctors at bay. We know you are used to hearing ‘apple’ a day. And don’t ditch the yolks, they are super source of Vitamin D and choline, a nutrient that keeps the liver, heart and brain healthy.
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