5 New Year Resolutions Everyone Loves to Make and Break

A year has gone by, and a new one has begun!

Come 1st of January, we all become experts on making resolutions! And by 10th January, we are already breaking them! But there’s nothing wrong with that! We cannot be blamed for all the unreasonable resolutions we made while we were drunk or terribly hungover, can we?!

Here are some New Year resolutions that almost everyone will be making (yes, us too!) and sooner than later break!

  1. Get Healthy That time of the year when everyone takes a year-long gym membership, buys workout clothes, quits eating junk food, and by the end of one week, forget all about the gym! This is probably everyone’s favourite resolution to make and the easiest to break! 1 Gym
  2. Save Some Money Everyone knows how horrible being broke is! At the beginning of every year, we decide we won’t spend a lot of money and actually save some. And we fail every time, because since when has NOT spending money been easy?! 2 Save Money
  3. Living Life, King Size “This year, I am going to live life to the fullest!” All of us want to do this because #yolo! This one’s quite easy to fulfill, but normally more important things like sleep and work get in the way! 3 Live Life
  4. Read More The ambitious ones will be busy making a to-be-read list or planning to read all the unread books on their shelves. Something always interrupts your reading time, and you end up finishing one or two books (barely) throughout the year! *sigh* 4 Reading
  5. It’s Quitting Time We overheard someone saying in the office, “Bro, I have made my resolution, I am quitting smoking.” We bet a lot of people are saying that right now! Do a countdown until you see that friend or colleague smoking away during lunch break! 5 Quit

If you have a list of New Year resolutions already, don’t get disappointed! Every effort counts, even if it’s just for a day! Good luck!