5 Jobs you need Balls to Say yes to. Oh Yes!

Jeez, I mean where do I begin?

Ok, so how often have you looked at someone’s job and thought it was half as exciting and interesting? Often, I know! But, have you ever envied those who fancy risking their odd limbs? No, we don’t mean those jobs where you replace all the candy in the candy bowl with condoms, or wave and dance. We mean the real stuff that needs more balls than brains! Oh yes! From unusual to funny and downright bizarre to the weirdest, here are some jobs that will make you swear! Some of these will leave you in stitches, as a result of rollicking laughter. Beware! Inspire your balls to apply for these:
  • A safari guide – It’s so cool, people think you are a superhero, unless a god damn lion pounces at you from nowhere, while you are describing its secret movement. We have a horror Instagram moment there. No?
A safari guide
  • Would you clean the cobra pit? Someone has to. Come on, show us some courage for once in life. Wear some jingle bells to work, they are cobra friendly. A rumor we believe!
  • Let’s wash some windows at the Burj Khalifa, world’s tallest building. While you are at it, we will arrange some spectators with popcorn staring at you. Don’t forget a selfie. You are quite a stud, eh?
Burj Khalifa
  • Not interested in books? Let your dog become a geek, while you test his food and get paid! Works? No? Well you could spam the idea. But, you know doggie’s food tasting is quite a trending career. We heard some celebs do it secretly as a side business. We swear!
Dog Food
  • Become an odor judge for an underarm deodorant manufacturer, you just need to smell armpits, that all! No? Didn’t you do it to your girlfriend last night? Liar, Naughty boy!
Odour Judge So, basically, these are not pranks, but real jobs people do! So the next time you think your job sucks, we have got you some ‘pacifier’!