5 Indian Women Making a Difference in the Society

“We cannot all succeed if half of us are held back.” – Malala Yousafzai

We doubt anyone could have framed this in a better way! Inspired by Malala’s words, women all over the globe are breaking barriers with great courage and determination.

On a day which celebrates the achievements and acknowledge the rights of women, we look at five women from the nation whose contribution to the society inspires us!

  1. Sapna Bhavnani Sapna Bhavnani has been a forerunner in fighting for women’s rights and is part of the Stop Acid Attacks campaign, and helped with Sheroes Hangout, the café in Agra run by acid attack victims.
    Sapna Bhavnani - Women's Day 2016 | Utter Bewakoof Source - twitter.com
  2. Richa Singh, founder of YourDOST Richa Singh gathered courage to talk about something important which no one talks about: depression. She started YourDOST with the intention to break stigma and get people to seek help for mental illnesses. Truly something noble, right?!
    Richa Singh - Women's Day 2016 | Utter Bewakoof Source - Reddit.com
  3. Anjali Chandrashekar Not an artist, not an activist, but an artivist! Anjali Chandrashekar uses her art to raise funds for several causes, from diabetes to rehabilitation of underprivileged kids to environmental causes.
    Anjali Chandrashekar - Women's Day 2016 | Utter Bewakoof Source - youthkiawaaz.com
  4. Robin Chaurasiya A journey from the US Air Force to teaching kids in Mumbai’s red light areas, Robin’s story is nothing less than inspiring! She is also one of the ten women shortlisted for a global teacher prize.
    Robin Chaurasiya - Women's Day 2016 | Utter Bewakoof Source - yourstory.com
  5. Kunwar Bai While young Indian women are scaling new heights every day, Kunwar Bai, a 104 year old woman from Chattisgarh, sold off her livestock so she could build toilets at her home. Encouraging others in her village to make it an open-defecation free zone, Kunwar Bai is definitely someone to look up to!
    Kunwar Bai - Women's Day 2016 | Utter Bewakoof Source - her.yourstory.com

Happy Women’s Day!