5 Heartwarming Stories of Strangers who met while Traveling and got hitched

A whirlwind romance on a vacation is just so dreamy. You’re both in this fabulous new land abroad, neither of you know each other, but you feel like maybe, just maybe, you’re going to get that chance.

Don’t worry, not every holiday fling is temporary. Dreams can come true!

  1. I always blushed when he was around…
    One of the biggest surprises of my life was meeting my hubby on a Canada 3000 flight. It was almost 14 years ago, and we were both flight attendants at the time. We were working the same aisle on the flight and every time he passed me the orange juice over our drink cart, I blushed like mad. He asked me if I was okay, much to my embarrassment. We were married one year later. We’ve both been out of the business for 13 years – our airline went under less than three months after we married – but life is good and travelling brought us together. We still love to get out there!
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  2. Even a decade couldn’t dissolve our love.
    In Salvador, my friends had made friends with one of the guys working there. His name was Thomas, and we fell in love almost instantly (although for me it was the moment he magically procured hot chocolate at midnight on the beach because I was missing home). We had a whirlwind mini romance, and then I went back to Canada, unable to abandon my plans for university to the whim of a romance half a world away. We tried to keep in touch, continuing to call and write, but it slowly dwindled.
    Ten years passed, and I was looking for a placement to complete my master’s degree. I wanted to be back in the country that enthralled me, and got placed in Salvador, which of course meant I went straight to Facebook to look up the only person I knew there – Thomas. Any thoughts of romance were distant memories. Then, as I strolled down the old cobblestone street to meet him for cafezinho, I saw him waiting and smiling. My heart skipped, and we both knew in that moment that the love we felt before was not a silly vacation romance. We have been happily living our own adventure together ever since.
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  3. We’re together because we made it work.
    In 2010, I came to Australia as an exchange student. I met a guy in one of my classes. About 3 months later, my visa ran out and I had to get back to Canada to finish my degree... We decided to do the long distance thing for 9 months. Then he came to Canada for 6 months and we decided to live in Australia. Exactly 2 years after we first met, we bought a house. And now, we even added a crazy kitten to the family!
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  4. I’m glad I took the leap – I’ve been happy ever since.
    In the early 1970s, I was a bus operator in Europe. On one 10-week tour I drove three Canadian girls in a group, and I took a shine to one cute little redhead who I quickly found out was from Saskatoon (took me a while to learn how to pronounce that, being I was from Australia). We struck up a conversation during the ferry crossing and the friendship blossomed very slowly until we arrived in Switzerland and an all-day hike had Judy and I paired off; that’s when we got to know one another quite nicely. By the time we arrived in the Greek Islands, we were talking about dating once the trip was over. When we arrived back in London I was helping unpack my bus and spontaneously proposed to her on the sidewalk with all the other passengers still around. I was ecstatic when she said yes. An engagement of almost two years went by until we moved to Canada and got married in 1975. It has been over nine years now since I lost this wonderful soul to cancer, and I still think about her every day; ours was a love that simply doesn’t go away.
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  5. First and last love!
    I'd never been in a relationship before heading off on my college semester abroad in Spain. Once I settled in at my host mom's apartment, I messaged a guy from my university who was in the same city on a different study abroad program. We got together for a coffee, talked for hours, made plans for the next day, and the day after that, and the day after that...three weeks later we were dating.
    Looking back, it seemed almost inevitable to fall in love in Spain -- flamenco, late nights, churros con chocolate, red wine, gorgeous old buildings, spontaneous weekend trips, etc...BUT what I didn't expect is that we'd end up married several years later.
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