5 Facts You Didn’t Know About the Flash

A superhero who can run at the speed of light, can beat Superman AND Quicksilver, and who uses a unique gadget, what’s not to love about the Flash? One of DC Comics’ most popular superheroes, Flash has been a favourite amongst the masses! With a superhero that moves at such a high speed, it’s quite easy to miss out more than a few facts! Here’s a look at some Flash facts that readers and viewers tend to miss quite often!

  1. No One can Read his Mind! Flash thinks as fast as he runs, which is at the speed of the light! And when thoughts run at such a speed, it’s impossible for anyone to be able to read them. This is a pretty useful power, especially when you are facing a psychic foe like Gorilla Grodd! 1 Can't Read His Mind
  2. The Flash has a Twin Flash’s mother, Nora Allen, had given birth to twins, one of whom was given away to the Thawne family by Allen’s doctor. This kid was Malcolm Thawne aka super-villain Cobalt Blue. Talk about being poles apart! 2 Twins
  3. The Cosmic Treadmill Batman has his Batmobile, Superman has his well-equipped hideout Fortress of Solitude, and the Flash, well, Flash has a treadmill! Yes, treadmill! The superhero uses a cosmic-ray powered treadmill to help him control where he travels! Quirkiest superhero gadget ever, no?! 3 Treadmill
  4. Superhero who Killed Unlike other superheroes who refrain from killing others, Flash was the first one to break the rule. Flash killed one of his archrivals Professor Zoom when he threatened to kill his to-be wife on their wedding day. This incident also made him one of the only superheroes to go on trial! 4 Killing Zoom
  5. First ‘Silver Age’ Superhero When DC Comics started modernizing their superheroes, the Flash was the first hero to be revamped in 1956! Thus, he was the first superhero of the Silver Age! 5 Silver Age

Was this revision enough? Remember not to forget about all these facts the next time you are having a superhero trivia with friends! Speaking of, isn’t this collection the best thing to don for a Flash fan like you?!