5 Extremely Weird Peculiarities in Animals

Recently, a two-headed snake was born in Victoria, Australia. John McNamara, a snake breeder, was shocked when he saw the snake. We mean, who wouldn’t be shocked after seeing something like this? But this is not just one incident! There have been several such bizarre cases of animal deformities. Here are some:

  1. Monkey faced pig A piglet with the facial features of a monkey was born in China. And this has not happened just once! More recently, another pig with the same condition was born in Cuba. And no one knows the reason behind this bizarre condition!
    Courtesy - natureworldnews.com Courtesy - natureworldnews.com
  2. Four-eared cat A cat with four ears (yes, you heard that right!) was found in Chicago. Although such a deformity would cause hearing problems, this cat (named Yoda) has no such issues!
    Courtesy - cats.lovetoknow.com/ Courtesy - cats.lovetoknow.com
  3. Octogoat A farmer in Croatia was shocked to see that one of his goats had given birth to a baby goat with eight legs. Not only that, the kid has both male and female reproductive organs. Doctors have claimed this strange deformity to be the result of an underdeveloped twin sibling.
    Courtesy - dailymail.co.uk Courtesy - dailymail.co.uk
  4. Three-headed frog Mutant frogs have existed since years, but one with three heads and six legs is extremely rare! Such a frog was found in a children’s nursery in UK in 2004. The school staff and children had kept this creature in a tank but it soon escaped!
    Courtesy - listverse.com/ Courtesy - listverse.com
  5. Faith, the two-legged dog Faith, a dog born without front legs, not only attained celebrity status (she even came on Oprah’s show) but also inspired recovering soldiers! Although Faith died in 2014, she remains a symbol for overcoming disabilities!
    Courtesy - moderndogmagazine.com/ Courtesy - moderndogmagazine.com