5 Cheese-tasting Places That Every Cheese-lover Will Want To Explore!

Credits - Zainab Haji

“A meal without cheese is like a beautiful lady without an eye,” this French saying and your love for cheese will never grow old. And that is why we have for you, 5 places that you MUST visit to savor cheese:

  1. Marche Bio Raspail, Paris France and cheese are used almost synonymously. So, Paris is a no-brainer. But Marche Bio Raspail specifically has excellent biodynamic producers of goat cheeses and nearly every French cheese you would want to lay your hands on.
    Source -  Secrets of Paris Source - Secrets of Paris
  2. Acres Wild, Delhi Indian cheese-lovers, fret no more. Because this farm in Delhi is going to cater to all your cheese fetishes. Owned by film-maker Mansoor Khan, this 22-acre farm in Coonoor specializes in handmade, no-chemical, 100% vegetarian cheeses. It has more than 20 kinds of cheeses to offer.
    Source - Acre Wild Source - Acre Wild
  3. La Ferme, Pondicherry Produced in Auroville, Pondicherry, La Ferme combines Indian, Dutch and French techniques and know-how to produce almost ten varieties of cheese. The farm uses windmills to pump water, so you can imagine how awesome it would be to visit.
    Source - AuroVille Source - AuroVille
  4. Himalayan Artisan Cheese, Kashmir Using the best milk of the valley they produce Gouda, Cheddar and Kalari which is a traditional Kashmiri cheese that has to be shallow fried and flavoured before consumption. (We know the dance that your taste-buds are doing right now.)
    Source - Natgeo Traveller Source - Natgeo Traveller
  5. ABC Farms, Pune Founded by Rohinton Aga, AdiBathena and EruchChinoy (yes, hence ‘ABC’) this company roughly produces 70 varieties of natural cheese – Pecorino goat cheese, alcohol cheese, Port Wine cheese, a vodka and cumin cheese (we can see those bulging eyes), smoked ham cheese are our recommendations.
    Source - India times Source - India times
So, you don’t have to necessarily travel overseas for a platter of cheese and the satiety of your taste-buds.