5 Celeb Sleep Lovers that give us major Sleep Goals

All of us partied hard this weekend, didn’t we? And now, sitting in our desks, all we can think of is sleep. Alas, work! But, there’s a silver lining to everything! Here are some tips from super successful people and all of them tell you to sleep more! Sounds perfectly dreamy to us!

  1. Bill Gates If one of the world’s busiest and richest sleeps for 7 hours a day, then you know you need it too! True success comes only when you work hard, and that’s possible only if you are well-rested! So, don’t miss out on those precious sleeping hours, yeah? Bill Gates
  2. Arianna Huffington Meet Ariana Huffington, author, columnist, co-founder of Huffington Post. Her motto to success? SLEEP! According to her, a sound sleep is essential if you want to succeed! Perfect reason to sleep for a couple of more hours on Mondays, isn’t it? Arianna Huffington
  3. Jeff Bezos Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, claims that you don’t need to compromise on your sleep to be successful. Maybe if we followed his advice and sneaked in 8 hours of sleep a day, we would reach halfway where he is today. Think later, sleep now! Jeff Bezos
  4. Heidi Klum Is it easy being a supermodel, TV show host, designer, and a mother of four? We think not! How does Heidi Klum manage keeping it together? 8 hours of sleep! Let’s all start catching up on our beauty sleep! Heidi Klum
  5. Jennifer Lopez - 8-9 hours This pop singer, actress, and dancer has the world gaga over her music! Want to know J.Lo’s secret weapon? 8 to 9 hours of sweet, sweet sleep. Like Jennifer says, we are all now waitin’ for tonight! Jennifer Lopez

You know you want to succeed in life, so why not take this marvelous advice from these successful people? We hope that this article inspired you enough to go back to bed and zzzz. Because if not now, then when?