5 Boozy Foods that will Tempt you to Taste them Right Now

How many hours do you fantasize about food in a day? And then Booze? And wished what if food be infused with booze and made you merry?

Liquor lovers, Rejoice!

Here are 5 foods made out of booze that will make you an instant hit at your next house-party. Come on, crack open a drink and let’s get to work:

  1. For snacks you can think of making tequila spiked caramel corn. A fun snack to make in a jiffy, this is a way to add that quick kick to your regular corn. Sprinkle your air popped corns with caramel and tequila. Nom nom!
    Tequila spiked caramel corn - Boozy Food | Utter Bewakoof Source - traceysculinaryadventures.com
  2. Get drunk on pizza. Soak your toppings in alcohol and or put alcohol in your pizza sauce and you are sorted. Already drooling?
    Pizza - Boozy Food | utter Bewakoof Source - Her Campus
  3. Your popular cocktail in a milkshake. Need we say more?
    Cocktail Milkshakes - Boozy Food | Utter Bewakoof Source - creativehairstyling.net
  4. Indulged in risottos before? Add a punch of orange juice, and touch of rum for a tasty and filling dish.
    Risotto - Boozy Food | Utter Bewakoof Source - knowledgenuts.com
  5. Beer battered chicken nuggets are all you need after a hectic day at office or next time when your friends are over.
    Beer battered chicken nuggets - Boozy Food | Utter Bewakoof Source - powersdistributing.com

Try these cocktail based dishes that will leave you shouting ‘YUM’ without making you feel tipsy!