5 Bollywood Celebrity Beauty Hacks That You Can D.I.Y.

Accept it! We have all desperately punched ‘Bollywood celebrity beauty secrets’ into our computers at some point in our lives. But do we get what we want? Pffftt….Fret no more! We have for you 5 beauty tips that our Bollywood divas swear by. You’re welcome!

  1. Lip hydration Priyanka Chopra’s full lips are the reason we drool over her (Well, one of the reasons). And what does she do to maintain that perfect pout? She applies Fresh Cream (malai) on her lips overnight to nourish and hydrate them. Piggy Chops knows some badass hacks!
    Source - Viral Jockey Source - Viral Jockey
  2. Flawless skin Madhuri Dixit gives serious competition to the youth. Be it dancing or looking forever young, she is pretty much unbeatable. But what is it that she does to keep her skin looking that flawless? She pampers herself with a mask of Gram Flour (Besan), lemon and honey. Thank us later!
    Source - Fanpop Source - Fanpop
  3. Long-lasting Lipstick Deepika Padukone rocks dark lipstick with minimal touch-ups. But we all know how difficult it is to keep your dark lipstick dark enough throughout the day. Then how does the long-legged beauty do it? She layers her lipstick by applying a little product first, then dusting some loose powder onto it and lastly another layer of the lipstick. Now go, rock that abandoned lipstick that is one shade too dark to easily maintain.
    Source - Filmi Beat Source - Filmi Beat
  4. Skin prepping for makeup Katrina Kaif is effortlessly beautiful. But there is one thing that she does to prep her skin before makeup. She puts some ice into a muslin cloth and rubs it all over her face. This simple hack gives her a dewy glow throughout the day.
    Source - Santa Banta Source - Santa Banta
  5. Skin Care Shilpa Shetty is probably the hottest mom of Bollywood. We all know her workout routine but her skin care regime is still unknown. Well, no more! She obviously removes all of her makeup before bed but she prefers to use her own makeup remover: a mixture of baby oil, olive oil and coconut oil.
    Source - 123 Cine World Source - 123 Cine World
So now that you know what your favourite Bollywood star secrets are, which of these would you be following?