5 Birthday Gifts We Think Mira Rajput Might Give Shahid Kapoor

It is our favourite chocolate boy’s 35th birthday! And this year’s going to be extra special because it’s his first birthday after his marriage!

Shahid and his lady love, Mira Rajput, have been giving us some serious #couplegoals since they got married, so we know this day is going to be an amazing one! On this special day, we can only speculate what Mira might have planned for Shahid’s birthday:

  1. Surprise birthday bash There have been rumours that Mira is planning a surprise birthday bash for Shahid! With his closest friends and family in one place, we know Shahid wouldn’t love anything more than this!
    Courtesy - mtvindia.com Courtesy - mtvindia.com
  2. Few of his favourite things What more could make you happy on your birthday than receiving your favourite things as gifts? We bet Mira has this in mind and is going to make Shahid an extremely happy man today!
    Courtesy - indiatvnews.com Courtesy - indiatvnews.com
  3. Special ‘Us’ Time Since Shahid has been so busy with work, we bet the couple hasn’t got some precious time alone. Maybe Mira has planned something extravagant, just for the two of them!
    Coutesy - bollywoodlife.com Coutesy - bollywoodlife.com
  4. Away on a vacay! Could be that Mira has a surprise vacation planned for her wonderful husband?! And knowing Shahid’s love for travelling, we know he will be super excited for this!
    Courtesy - deccanchronicle.com Courtesy - deccanchronicle.com
  5. Bundle of joy…WOOT! With rumours of a baby doing the rounds, maybe Mira will reveal the supposed happy news to Shahid! Not only will this be the perfect gift for him, but also something we too would love to hear!
    Courtesy - ibtimes.co.in Courtesy - ibtimes.co.in

Happy birthday Sasha!