5 Better Things you can do with 55 Lakhs spent on Katrina’s Red Hair

As per recent reports, Katrina Kaif’s red hair in Fitoor is one of the most talked about topics of the town. Producers of the flick have spent 55 lakhs, yes 55 lakhs for getting the perfect hair. What if she wakes up one of these mornings and finds out, someone chopped off her hair? Okay, just wondering….

Psst! What were they even thinking? And here are some amazing things that we can actually do with 55 lakhs:

  1. Quit your Job and Go on a World Tour Stuck in the rut of 9-5 and got lucky? Take that 55 lakhs and go on a world tour. World tour
  2. Start up Funding 55 freaking lakhs could be a great start up initial funding. Investors listening? Start up funding
  3. Learn to fly Professional flying course that you had been dying to get enrolled into. Flying lessons
  4. Philanthropy Several kids can be sponsored, fed and many donations can be made. Yes, with 55 lakhs! Philanthropy
  5. Buy a Property One can own a luxurious property in 55 lakhs. Even better, have a dream house in one of the exotic foreign destinations. Dream property
So many cool things can be done but, all that money went in dyeing Katrina’s hair RED!

Who do we dedicate a slow clap for? Katrina, producers, or the colour red?