5 ‘Arrow’ Crossovers We are Excited to See

Ever since we first saw Flash sharing screen space with Arrow, we have been waiting for more characters to join the Arrowverse. While some characters like Vandal Savage, Hawkgirl Kendra Saunders have already appeared on the TV series, all of us are excited for what might be lying ahead!

As the DC television shows progress, here are some characters we hope are joining the universe!

  1. Superman Are we hoping that Smallville’s Superman will join Arrow? OF COURSE! After seeing how amazing a Flash and Arrow crossover is, we can’t wait to see Superman join this super fabulous force!
    Superman Pic courtesy - Contact Infinite Futures
  2. Green Lantern Since Green Lantern and Green Arrow have teamed up in a lot of comic books, we think we might be able to see them together even on TV! What a crossover it would be!
    Green Lantern Pic courtesy - Comic Book
  3. Batman We are all dying to see a Batman and Arrow crossover, yes, even the show creators themselves! Even thinking of such an idea is making our imaginations go wild!
    Batman Pic courtesy - Funtuse
  4. Supergirl While show creators have said that this might not be possible, it’s always good to stay hopeful! We love seeing our superheroes in action and it’s even better when they are joined by superheroines!
    Supergirl Pic courtesy - Comic Book Resources
  5. Flash This one’s going to be part of the Flash series and it is confirmed! Arrow’s right hand John Diggle is all set to join the Flash this January! We are super thrilled to see John Diggle teaming up with the Scarlet Speedster!
    John Diggle Pic courtesy - Digital Spy

Is it too much if we are wishing for these crossovers to happen soon? Like, current season soon?!