5 Acts from the Night of the Paris Attacks that Restore our Faith in Humanity

Facing several terror attacks, Friday, November 13th was a horrific day for the city of Paris. While people were stranded and injured on the city streets, there were many who proved that kindness prevails even when terror strikes. Here are five of those many examples that make us believe that humanity is still very much alive.

  1. Shelter at Sikh Gurudwaras This tweet by Rohan Singh Kalsi informed people that help will be given at gurudwaras to everyone in need. Gurudwaras across France and Europe showed their support for the people of Paris that night. Isn’t humanity the best religion? Shelter at Sikh Gurudwaras
  2. Shakespeare and Company This famous Parisian bookstore sheltered some twenty customers and others on the night of the Paris attacks. An author said, “Bookshops are safe places.” Likewise, Shakespeare and Co. acted as a safe haven for these stranded visitors. Shakespeare and Company
  3. #PorteOuverte Reporter Sylvian Lapoix tweeted this, asking people to take action in the kindest way and open their doors to those in need by using the hashtag #PorteOuverte. Hearts and doors were opened all over the city that night! PorteOuverte
  4. Donating Blood for the Injured The citizens of Paris showed the world that nothing can stop them to help the needy. The day after the attacks, hordes of people came out to donate blood for the injured. donating blood
  5. Free Transport Since public transport services came to a halt, taxi drivers started providing free rides for all, ensuring the safety of those stranded outside. Aren’t such kind people all this world needs? taxi

Saluting all these people who showed the world that kindness and love can be found even in the darkest of times!