30 Times Deepika Padukone Proved She is Here to Rule

Let’s face it!

We cannot deny our outrageous love for this diva who is not only ruling Bollywood but also our hearts. Deepika Padukone turns 30 today and million times gorgeous.

Happy Birthday Deepika ‘Queen’ Padukone!

From being a fresh face, to a girl next door, to being a red carpet regular, she is one stunning goddess we all have fallen for truly, madly, religiously.

On her 30th Birthday, we have exclusively compiled 30 of her best looks so far that have wooed fans world over. Begin DROOLING!

  1. The Girl Next door deepika 2
  2. We believe in Black Magic deepika 1
  3. Royal= Deepika deepika 4
  4. The sexy geek deepika 5
  5. Hence, Global Warming deepika 6
  6. While she is busy focusing, we focus on her Star cast of bollywood movie Happy new year in Dubai
  7. Regal beauty deepika 8
  8. The stunning warrior deepika 9
  9. Posing and Candid deepika 10
  10. That Pout deepika 11
  11. Them….OUCH! DEEPIKA 12
  12. Power Dresser deepika 13
  13. Aah her legs! deepika 14
  14. Her Saree Story
    deepika 15 Pic courtesy - Pinkvilla
  15. Then….the poise deepika 16
  16. Drop Dead Gorgeousness…who? Drop Dead you, gorgeousness her! deepika 17
  17. Limited stockdeepika 18
  18. Your next wallpaper deepika 20
  19. Timeless Classic deepika 19
  20. Then she smiled and ruled us all deepika 22
  21. In her playful avatar deepika 23
  22. Prepare to get Goosebumps deepika 25
  23. Picture Perfect deepika 26
  24. Dressing up to Kill deepika 27
  25. The ‘casuals’ affair deepika 28
  26. Her world famous dimples deepika 29
  27. Looks like ‘STATEMENT’ is written all over her deepika 30
  28. Shy away deepika 34
  29. Bold and Beautiful deepika 35
  30. Goddess herself! deepika 31

You can breathe now, if you are left with any….we are already breathless!