25 years back I adopted my male servant, he's 40 now and still with me.

Bindu Dutta Bindu Dutta
Being a working woman I needed help with my daily chores. Raghunath was also looking for help and so I agreed. As time passed, I got to know him and his sufferings, that’s when I told him that I’ll help him through everything. His only son became a drunkard and sold everything that Raghunath owned, which left him broke. He had two little kids whom I helped him raise after his wife died. I helped him with his granddaughter’s marriage too last year. After all that he’s gone through, I thought he deserved all my help and it was worth it. Apart from helping me at home, he also comes with me in the evenings, where he hangs out with his friends and I with mine. We’ve accommodated to each other. I feel nothing less than proud to say that I’ve changed his life for good.