24 Street Arts You Want In Your City Now!

We’ve all heard of how art is a creative and beautiful way to express how you feel. For many people, it’s also therapeutic and relaxing. Artists are only just beginning to get recognized and encouraged to set up an exhibition at an art gallery, or have their art on clothes, phone covers, the likes (wink wink). These artists have taken to modern art in forms of graffiti and murals all over their cities to inspire awe from passers-by. They breathe life into daily, drab routes with contemporary paintings over walls and sometimes literally on the street!

We can’t get enough of street art, and we know you can’t, either!

  1. We love how the greyscale cars are contrasted by the vibrantly hued balloons!

  2. Whoops, Mario’s mischief has got him in trouble.

  3. This magnificent elephant artwork has got us stunned.

  4. Manuel Di Rita’s sculpture-like wall art really plays tricks with your mind.

  5. It would be SUCH a sight to find such little, cute artwork on staircases everywhere! SOMEBODY DO THIS!

  6. Banksy is known for his thought-provoking wall art, and this is no less than his best.

  7. A metaphorical take on how urban housing has got the lesser privileged on the road.

  8. This is nothing short of mind-boggling. We can’t even imagine the vision and effort it must’ve taken to create this masterpiece of illusion.

  9. To caution people about how endangered species are being affected by urbanization, ROA decided to have his own series of environmental awareness artworks.

  10. Sean Yoro (AKA Hula) uses his rafter to reach these walls that are barely noticed to create elegant paintings of women interacting with the water.

  11. Only in Paris will you find this detailed painting of innocent looking eyes.

  12. A humorous take on damaged fencing, OakOak has a style of his own.

  13. Olek and Swoon designed this intense and fantastical piece.

  14. We absolutely LOVE the shades in the color of the faces and that believable descent into the darkness in this painting.

  15. Once again, Banksy returns to make you reconsider your opinion on artists.

  16. Is it just our eyes or is that tortoise really swimming out of the wall?

  17. JC Rivera displays his graphic novel-like style in this amazing artwork.

  18. Gillie and Marc’s colorful and abstract contribution to street art in Newcastle.

  19. This eye painting by Tarns and Tayla Carlaw adorns the streets of Adelaide, Australia.

  20. It’s called "Our Lady of Grace" by The A’shop crew.

  21. David Zinn came up with these really cute, interactive drawings on the street that almost makes you believe there’s a little creature very concerned about the fallen leaves.

  22. Frida Kahlo mural in Buenos Aires by Campos Jesses is massive and so artsy.

  23. We’ve always felt like those pipes were actually periscopes.

  24. Delicate lace street art by NeSpoon makes us want to go out on the streets and make paintings of our own!

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