21 Iconic Foods You Must Have When It's Raining Cats & Dogs

It’s raining, it’s pouring, and our stomachs are growling!

Different seasons suit different styles of food. When monsoon comes around, the daily dishes just won’t do. Eating hot scrumptious food indoors while the world is getting wet is a pretty special feeling. To get rid of those monsoon blues you get from being stuck at home, cook the dishes we’ve laid out for you. Whether it’s drizzling or raining cats and dogs, these dishes are sure to give you a magical monsoon experience:

  1. Masala Chai
    Nothing soothes the soul better than a hot cup of tea. Spice it up with some masala to give a nice hit to your throat!

  2. Pakoda and Bhajia
    During monsoon, every day is a fry-day! Whether they’re onion bhajis or potato pakodas, they are all cripsy miracles.

  3. Samosa
    A timeless classic, samosas are crunchy and great with masala tea. A love triangle you never want to get out is a samosa!

  4. Bhutta
    Squeeze that lemon, butter it up, sprinkle some spices and bite into a roasted corn on the cob!

  5. Vada Pav
    Who wants a burger when you can have a vada pav? These little packs of awesome are a national favorite!

  6. Chole Bhature
    A puri so fluffy you can’t resist! Paired up with some chole, this dish is perfection.

  7. Chaat
    Tickle your taste buds with some yummy chaat! Eating them on roadside stalls while it rains is so much fun!


  1. Pav Bhaji
    You can never go wrong with Pav bhaji.  Butter that pav and let’s get the feast started!

  2. Sabudana Wada
    Crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside, sabudana wadas are a blessing. Dip them in green chutney, you’ll  surely wipe your plate off!

  3. Hot chocolate
    Feeling chilly? Snuggle up to a nice warm cup of hot chocolate. Top it off with some mini marshmallows, you’ll feel like you’re eating little clouds!

  4. Kebabs
    Finger-licking kebabs are warm and juicy and oh-so-yummy! When your life feels screwed, eat food that is skewered.

  5. Cutlet
    We don’t discriminate when it comes to cutlets. We love all flavors, all shapes and all sizes. So let’s-cut into a cut-let!

  6. Soup
    Warm your hands using the bowl and sip on some hot and spicy soup. Your insides will turn to mush!

  7. Misal Pav
    A delicacy in Maharashtra, this dish is the best way to start your day. You won’t skip breakfast after you’ve eaten some of this!

  8. Gajar Halwa
    Craving something sweet? A soft and nutty gajar halwa warmed up a bit to get the ghee oozing out will fix your craving in a jiffy.


  1. Steamed Momos
    Want to keep it healthy with no fried food? Not a problem. Steam up some generously stuffed momos if you crave some East-Asian cuisine.

  2. Filter coffee
    Not a chai guy? Heat up some filter coffee for that caffeine to pump up your system!

  3. Jalebi
    Calling all sweet lovers! Gobble up some hot fried jalebis with their crunchy gooey goodness!
    You can pair them with icecream if you’d like.

  4. Aloo Tikki
    Poh-tato, po-tahto. We love looking like potatoes and eating potatoes too! Dipped in some chutney, they are cutlets of gold!

  5. Aloo Parantha
    If you’re hungry for more than just a snack, enjoy some warm aloo paranthas. With some yoghurt and pickle on the side!

  6. Kulfi
    Fight water with ice! If the rain isn’t cool enough for you, lick a kulfi! All their flavours are amazing, whether it’s kesar, pista or elaichi!


Now that you’ve got the food part perfected, read a book by the window to complete the monsoon experience!