20 Unique Dosa Recipes Every Food Lover Must Try

To all the cooks, non-cooks looking for simple recipes and especially dosa lovers in the house, this article is going to be one of your absolute favourites!

Dosa, the south indian rockstar dish and everybody’s ideal fast meal or breakfast, we just can’t seem to get enough of it right? But eating the same repeatedly can cause boredom, no? Hence, try these for a dosa makeover to your usual dosa recipe!

  1. Mushroom masala dosa

Stuffed with spicy masala fillings, this dosa is a good smack to the usual bore!

source - tastymalabarfoods.com



  1. Dosa sandwich

You can stuff the layers of your dosa with different chutneys and paneer and serve them exactly like a sandwich!

source - artfuldiner.com



  1. Netted tomato dosa

Add tomatoes to your dosa mixture amongst others and you are good to go! Yay!

source - archanaskitchen.com


  1. Watermelon rind dosa

Surprised? Well, yes! There is actually a dosa made with its rind and it tastes absolutely amazing! Do try it!

source - sumascuisine.blogspot.com


  1. Methi dosa

Add those fenugreek leaves in your batter. Try something different for dinner tonight maybe?

source - youtube.com



  1. Gajar ka dosa

Recipe with carrots and rice, has to be delicious, no? Yum!

source - priyakitchenette.com


  1. Oats dosa

The most common amongst the ‘different types of Dosa’ you will ever come across. You gotta eat this one!

source - kitchengossips.com



  1. Cauliflower dosa

Spicy gobi filling in that award worthy dosa that you just made..aah! Tasty!

source - spicytreats.net


  1. Horsegram dosa

‘Chane ke daal ka dosa’ is one of the healthiest dosa recipes you will ever encounter. You oughtta try this one for sure.

source - endekushini.blogspot.com



  1. Drumstick leaves crepes

Say what?! Is that even possible? Well, yes! Tastes great as well! We want you to make one right now itself! Haha!

source - thamilvirundhu.com


  1. Chola dosa

Give your ordinary chola batura a break; you might wanna give this one a go for once?

source - signaturerecipes.hostgator.co.in



  1. Soya dosa

For all those dieters, this one’s especially for you people! Get that fibre from the soya milk and whole wheat mixture now!

source - mykitchenodyssey.blogspot.com


  1. Cheese chili dosa

Nothing more to say! Aaah..delicious, delicious, delicious!!!

source - archanaskitchen.com


  1. Poha dosa

This one tastes beyond gorgeous! All you cooks, it’s a must you get this one going in your kitchen pronto!

source - archanaskitchen.com


  1. Pav bhaji dosa

The goodness and richness of your favourite Mumbai meal pav bhaji with your south Indian companion, what more can we say?

source - commons.wikimedia.org


  1. Scrambled egg dosa

As superb as it sounds, it tastes even better. Scrambled eggs and a dallop of mayo, yum!

source - smritidisaac.wordpress.com


  1. Kothmeer dosa

Sprinkle some finely chopped coriander into your dosa mixture and this is going to be healthier than ever!

source - archanaskitchen.com


  1. Curd dosa

Have leftover curd? Worry not! You can up the yum quotient in your next dosa with some yoghurt!

source - nalapakham.com


  1. Banana dosa

Ever heard of it? No? Well, you have heard of it now! Make sure to use ripe bananas only and mash those well people!

source - eatliveburp.net


  1. Gud dosa

Love sweet stuff? Wanna incorporate it in your dosa? Use gud, ‘cause it tastes that good! We say, perfect desert!

source - archanaskitchen.com


Variation much? We bet your taste buds are going to love these because these dosas are going to be next level!

Go ahead, give it a try!