18 Reasons To Make Love to Yourself Ladies..It’s Ahh-some!

Curling toes, low gasps, lip-biting, an awesome feeling in your chest and your heart keeps pounding louder and louder for more. Things are starting to heat up and you’ve clutched your sheet so tight with your hand and the other one going down south, inside. A sigh of utter joy is falling right in place; aren’t we enjoying ladies?

But is he touching you? Well, nah, who needs a guy when you can do it yourself. And that too, can do it much better! (Sorry boys, you do falter at times)

So, contrary to popular belief, “disgraceful”, “impure”, “disgusting” and so on really do not concern female masturbation. It is all a bunch of boo-hockey.  In fact, making love to oneself is also an art in itself. Agreed?

  1. Best body professor

Haven’t we as kids, girls and boys alike always been curious about our own bodies? So get going girl, ‘cause masturbation is going to teach you much more than that boring biology teacher of yours.



  1. Mind game

While you touch yourself, your mind typically runs 100 miles an hour. You actually hit places of your sexual fantasies you never even knew you had. Voila!

source: ekhindi.com


  1. You’re hot! Period.

If you do not love yourself or your beautiful body enough, seriously, do it! But do it even better in front of the mirror because baby, you’re hot!

source: sandralamorgese.com


  1. Confidence galore

As we all know, body shaming has been around in abundance. It’s time to slay them shut. But if you aren’t confident about your own physical self, nothing is going to help you. So touch away and watch your confidence soar!

source: soulrevision.tumblr.com


  1. Happy me!

Me time is always fun, no? That is because your body reacts positively to that kind of excitement.It is one of the most legit mood enhancers.

source: happywhisper.com


  1. Stress buster

Believe it or not, masturbation has proved to be an effective tool in relieving stress. It actually releases oxytocin into your blood. Yay.

source: magazinedelledonne.it


  1. Healthy..say what?

Yes, besides being a major stress buster, masturbation has all its health benefits in place. It boosts oxygen into your body when you are all happy and enjoying. Not only that, it also increases your blood flow at the same time.

source: pinterest.com


  1. Tweaks the big-Os

It betters the idea of sex not just mentally but also practically. With a few sessions, you turn into a master of your own body and there! You are ready to guide his head down there (head or fingers, whatever works) to get you high and roaring.

source: rackcdn.elephantjournal.com


  1. Sexy feeling..ahh!

So do you just like gentle caressing or circular motioned touching or rigorous rubbing or soft pressing ..ohhh, the options are so many. Enough said; because it feels so, so good right now.

source: post4life.gr


  1. Better romance

Not just the climax, but also the relationship with your partner strengthens spiritually. That is because your sex with him is better now, all thanks to the masturbation you did last night!

source: loveromance.hubgarden.com


  1. Insomnia cured, finally!

Remember that feeling you get after fingering yourself? No? Then remember how you feel right after sex? The tiredness helps you sleep better, right? There, you have your answer!

source: arageek.com


  1. Safest kind of sex!

No condoms needed there buddy, your fingers talk for yourself. Do it without fear or restraint because it is safe as hell!

source: sexademia.ru


  1. Period cramps? Abracadabra, gone!

Science actually says that period cramps are reduced to a good extent once you feel yourself on the inside. So go on, go on girls!

source: maribor24.si


  1. Aphrodite forever

Masturbation keeps you sexually in play even when you are actually are not. The good thing about this is that when the bedroom lights are to go down with him the next time, you are already on top of your libido game!



  1. Cleanse away!

When you treat yourself with a good session, the push and pull of muscles between your legs help your body flush out all those unwanted bacteria.

source: lustjakt.se


  1. Menopause, goodbye!

To all the ladies who are entering their meno phase or are already in it, please make an effort to masturbate because aware or not, your vajayjays are going to contract and this can actually help you ease out the pain that is going to follow.

source: www.ilovesex.ro


  1. Raunch it up

While you do yourself, you also get to play around with le gadgets and some forbidden films from school times (if you know what I mean).

source: huffingtonpost.com


  1. 69, do it!

We are sure you are going to be a hundred times bolder in the bed with him because touching yourself promotes mutual masturbation amongst partners. Besides, for somebody who does not want to indulge into coitus just yet, this is going to be a good call!

source: phombo.com

Remember, if you love touching yourself down there, you are having your own share of joy. And if you haven’t, trust us; you are missing out on some badass fun!