13 Reasons Your House Might Be Haunted

Have you ever been in an elevator, just headed to your apartment, and suddenly have the lights flicker? Maybe one time you were all settled in your bed and you heard something fall in the kitchen, even when you know it’s not the wind because you closed the windows. We know, that sounds spooky and terrifying, but these are really known to occur. If any of these have happened to or around you, then you might want to consider the possibility that you’re living in a haunted house:

  1. The lights start flickering out of nowhere

We believe this is the most commonly heard of phenomenon. Electrical disturbances are quite mysterious sometimes, and with all the horror movies that are out, a slight blinking of the tube light is enough reason to throw yourself into panic (or check if you’ve paid your bills).


  1. Sounds that have no rational explanation

More often than not, you hear shuffling sounds like footsteps, or a creak that wasn’t supposed to be there. Sure, it could just be a sheet of paper floating to the ground, but how are you going to explain where that sheet came from? Or if there was paper in that room at all?


  1. Objects going missing

You’re quite sure you kept your car keys in your wardrobe drawer, but it’s nowhere to be found. You’ve checked every other possible place, but nope. And after about ten minutes, you go back to inspect your drawer, and there it is. Out in the open. How did it disappear? More importantly, how did it get back?


  1. Books falling out of the shelf, vessels toppling over

We’ve seen this scene in American Horror Story – you’re just chilling in your library, looking over a few documents maybe, completely unaware. Unaware of the ghost watching you. They try to get your attention by making books fall off a shelf. Sometimes, when you’re watching television, you might hear a pan fall out of the rack and hit the floor with a loud clang. This doesn’t happen on a regular basis. Those racks are meant to hold the utensils, not drop them. If this has happened to you, watch out for an uninvited, invisible apparition.


  1. Eerie, crying sounds

If you have heard someone crying, and you feel like it’s coming from somewhere in your house itself, you might want to take a look at all your rooms. It usually sounds like stretched out, lingering moans, almost like a deliberate attempt at scaring you. Many spirits leave our dimension in a negative emotional status, and they may have found your house to grieve in.


  1. Voices hushing when you’re approaching an unoccupied room

The chances of there being a host of ghosts in your house is disturbingly high if this has happened to you. If these voices die down as you go to make sure there’s no one there, it might mean that these spirits are hiding from you. Their reason might not be innocent.


  1. Sensing a presence

Some people can be quite sensitive to paranormal activity, especially if the structure is rumored to be haunted by spirits. This means that they can physically feel the presence of a ghost or soul. You might feel like there’s someone else apart from you in your room, and this is as good as any indicator that your house is haunted.


  1. Smells without a source

On rare and true occasions, one may smell fragrances out of the ordinary. Like a certain type of perfume or cigarettes, even though you’ve never smoked in your life and that perfume isn’t like anything you’ve ever used. It might only be in one spot in your house, but if it is persistent for many days, you should probably caution yourself to the possibility of ghosts.


  1. Moving amorphous shadows

Do you see dark shadows passing by quickly, without any real source? You see shapeless, dark figures that linger in your room just before you’re about to fall asleep? This is a sign of warning – do not go gentle into that night.


  1. Sound of doors and windows closing and opening without explanation

This is no Halloween prank. How many times are you going to credit this weird occurrence to the wind?


  1. Pets behaving strangely

Your dog might make low, growling sounds. He might feel threatened, alert, and defensive. Watch out for these reactions in your pet – they’re known to be sensitive to supernatural entities, and you’re too smart to overlook something like this.


  1. Scary nightmares

What causes nightmares? You can look up all the theories you want, but ghosts can and do mess around with your dreams. If you’re having terrifying, frequent nightmares, there’s no doubt that your house is haunted.


  1. Nervous feeling of being watched

Okay, this could just be paranoia. After all that you’ve already read here, you could have started imagining any of these happening to you, too. But do not rule out the chance that you have a ghost haunting your house. Watching you.



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