13 Reasons Your Dog Is Cuter Than Your Boyfriend

We all have Bollywood to thank for our unrealistic standards when it comes to romantic relationships. Whether it’s the onscreen duo of Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan, or the real-life romance between Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh. We die a little on the inside when we see pictures of them holding hands or just smiling at each other. Makes you wish someone was that happy to see you too, doesn’t it?

We have the ultimate hack for this: dogs. Yes, really. Even if you do have a boyfriend, we’re sure you can’t resist a good snuggle from these furry little animals. Your boyfriend can attempt puppy-eyes, but you know where that look comes from. Here’s our take on the everlasting Battle of Cuteness between dogs and boyfriends:

1 – If they’ve done something wrong, they’ll show they’re sorry. They pick up on your moods efficiently and will do what it takes to have your attention and love again. Try the silent treatment on your guy and what you’ll get is a confused boyfriend.

2 – Your dog is as happy to see you in a t-shirt and pyjamas as he is when you’re decked up for a party. Unlike your boyfriend, he doesn’t care about how you look alongside him.

3 – They won’t judge your choice when you just want to stay in bed and watch movies online. Whether it’s that raunchy, A-rated film you didn’t even mention to your best friend, or the animated film with the adorable sidekick.

4 – You can pet, scratch, ruffle and kiss their heads and not have them expect it to turn to sex. Just a little affectionate licking, or full-out slobber. They won’t feel insulted if you turn them down, they’ll just save it for later.

5 – If you’ve spent the weekend away from home, your dog won’t suspect you of cheating. For all they know, they’re probably expecting you to hand them treats for not having torn your house down while you were away.

6 – Your dog really won’t leave until death does make you part. Take that, commitment-phobic boyfriends! You don’t need an expensive wedding, touching vows (that’s optional, though), or the awkward congratulations from your distant family.

7 – You deserve the best in the world, and only your dog (and your mum, of course) truly believes this. Boyfriends…well, they do have ulterior motives, after all.

8 – You can’t possibly stay annoyed with your dog. Boyfriends, on the other hand, have a list of reasons.

9 – Any time is quality time with your dog. They’ll fetch whatever you throw and bring it back to you, just because they love to spend time with you.

10 – When you’re out for a stroll, your dog won’t mind the attention you get from guys. Regardless of how the attention was directed your way because of how cute they are.

11 – If you’re upset, they will comfort you by resting their head on your lap or nudging you to play with them. Nothing like a good distraction, if you ask us.

12 – He’ll cuddle with you even when you’re not sad.

13 – Even if you don’t ask for it.

Dogs are adorable! 
How about some adorbale humans?