13 Embarrassing Everyday Things That Happen to Everyone

Life isn’t fair. You’d think you’re having the best day ever and then BAM! Something horribly embarrassing happens. Here are some of our most embarrassing everyday situations which make us want to hide our face and run.

  1. Pushing a door which very clearly says pull.

C’mon! It’s 2016 people. Can’t we just have doors which go both ways?!

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  1. Tripping while walking on a flat surface.

Yes, I’m aware that I didn’t trip on anything. I’m just extremely clumsy. No, there’s no cure for clumsiness.

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  1. Grabbing a pole on public transportation and then realizing you just grabbed someone’s hand.

Aw man, my bad! I didn’t see you there!

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  1. Sending a text/email to the wrong person.

SHIT! So sorry, wrong person. Please ignore that :). *hopes the person doesn’t think I’m crazy*

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  1. Double tapping an Instagram picture while stalking someone.

You know what, I’m just going to like every picture that person has ever posted so I don’t look creepy. Or I can just like delete my profile, move to another country and pretend I never existed.

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  1. Being recognized by someone whose name you don’t remember.

Oh hey….dude. Yeah, it’s SO nice to see you too. I haven’t seen you in like forever! *Frantically tries to recollect this guys name*

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  1. Thinking your earphones are plugged in and then having an embarrassing song being played out loud.

Damn, how did that song get in there! I’ve never heard that before in my life! Someone must’ve sent it to me as a joke.

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  1. Zoning out in the middle of a conversation and then realizing the person just asked you a question.

Huh..? Oh yeah, obviously. *prays the answer makes sense*

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  1. Skipping breakfast for a day and then realizing your stomach is playing the sound of its people as loud as it can.

Pshh! Nah man, I can’t hear anything. *plays it cool*

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  1. Trying to catch Pokemon, but then realizing you just look like a creep who’s recording people.

No dude, I’m not recording you! Now get out of the way, I’ve got to catch them all!

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  1. “Hey, how are you?” “I’m good! What about you?” “I’m great. You?” “………..”

Great. Now we’ve got to do this until one of us dies.

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  1. Asking a store clerk for something and then realizing they don’t work there.

*cringes internally* I am SO sorry. *walks in the other direction as fast as humanely possible*

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  1. When your glasses break outside and everyone and everything just looks like a blur.

Yes, I can see how many fingers you’re holding up. I however can’t make out details about anything

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All of us have been caught up in moments like this. What matters is how you play it off. So even if you mess up, pick your head up and walk it off with as much confidence as you can muster!