12 First Things People do After Having Sex

Maybe your night for striptease worked out for the better, and you’re both reeling from the great sex you just had. The moment right after can be a little confusing because you don’t know what you should be doing, or if what you want to do is appropriate or not.

Have no fear! We know just the things you could do to cherish your time with your lover:

  1. Snoozing right after
    This happens a lot more often than you’d expect. You probably prepared a lot before you two got into bed, it’s alright to want to relax afterwards. Post-coital hormones make you drowsy.
    source - polyvore.com

  2. Urgent washroom run
    Girls, you know what we’re talking about. After you’ve had fun with your bae, you have this pressing need to use the loo. Don’t be shy: it’s a great way to avoid UTIs.
    source - mnn.com

  3. Cuddling for a while
    Sometimes you just want a little more innocent intimacy after some intense sex, which is okay. It’s warm and comforting, and eases the awkward transition from naked to clothed again.
    source - crvzystupidlove.tumblr.com

  4. “I love you”
    You’ve just had a really good time and your emotions (along with sensations) are soaring. You’re overwhelmed, thanks to the mind-blowing sex you had, and you want to tell your partner you love them.
    source - favim.com

  5. Pizza!
    Forget every kind of indecency or embarrassing moment by just ordering a large pizza and eating it with your lover. This is probably the best way to bond: over food!
    source - favim.com

  6. Random conversations to mellow your mood
    It makes you feel comfortable and understood, and is a nice way to dispel the after-sex awkwardness. Talk about what you plan to do for the rest of the day, or that TV show you watched recently.
    source - wonderweds.com.br

  7. Jokes will help keep things light
    Once you’ve gotten to talking, it always helps to mess around and have a laugh. Whether it’s tickling or making fun of something, keep a conversation going and enjoy their company.
    source - yourtango.com


  8. Have sex again
    If this is something you do, we’re not surprised. Nothing wrong with a Round 2. Or 5.
    source - weheartit.com

  9. Shower together
    You can clean up together (or maybe get even more dirty). Just to switch things up a little, if you’re bored of doing it in the bed.
    source - wifflegif.com

  10. Watch movies in bed
    Paired with some cuddling and maybe food, it is fun to watch movies after sex. Netflix and chill is real, guys!
    source - weheartit.com

  11. Listen to music
    This is actually a nice time to plug your phone into the speakers and share your favourite music with your partner. Music tells you a lot about a person, and you’d like to get to know your significant other as well as possible.
    source - favim.com

  12. Get really, really high
    Couples that smoke together, stay together. So light one up with your partner and elevate your minds into that space where you two can connect so much better.
    source - pinterest.com


If relationships aren’t your jam and one-night-stands are your thing, you’ll enjoy these moments that happen after that random ‘sleepover’!