12 Addictions Revealed! Based on Your Zodiac Sign

You can’t deny this: all of us have vices. Every single of us. No one can escape from them, especially when it comes to getting addicted to something unhealthy. Be it coffee or cocaine, there are things we know we shouldn’t be doing, but we do anyway. But did you know that such things also depend on your sun sign? Yes, it’s true! And just to keep you prepared, we’ve listed the addictions you are most likely to have according to your zodiac sign:
  1. Aries
The one thing we all love about Arians? Their adventurous spirit! And since they like to live life at its fullest speed, they are most likely to get addicted to something as extreme as cocaine. If you have a friend born under this star sign, keep them away from the ‘white lines’, okay?
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  1. Taurus
The opposite of Aries? Taurus! They are extremely patient, sometimes even bordering on lazy. And what do lazy people usually get addicted to? Food! Easily accessible (doorstep delivery) and takes barely any effort!
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  1. Gemini
Geminis are the kind of people who are always looking to escape their real-life problems. What will they end up resorting to? Social media, of course! Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr are what their lives will revolve around! If you are a Gemini, we advise you to go for therapy. And soon!
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  1. Cancer
Moody, overly sensitive, and they like staying away from the outside world. No, they aren’t lazy like Taureans! Cancerians are the people who will stay at home, popping one painkiller after another, or possibly injecting their bodies with heroin. Scary, right?
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  1. Leo
Okay, Leos love to live life big size AND flaunt it to the world! So the one thing they are most likely to indulge in? Shopping, of course! While so many of us are already addicted to shopping, Leos take it to a whole new level!
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  1. Virgo
Okay, we agree that Virgos are helpful and amazing care-takers. But there’s a limit to helping! Especially if you seek out people who need your help and when they depend on you too much, you start disliking it but can’t get away. #ZeroLogic Being addicted to co-dependency somehow sounds worse than cocaine or food!
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  1. Libra
The people who see the world through rose-tinted glasses, the hopeless romantics, and also sort of imbalanced. These people are addicted to one thing and one thing only: love! And it never works out very well for them!
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  1. Scorpio
Scorpios are mysterious and like to stay alone without anyone or anything binding them. Their addiction? SEX! And since they like to stay alone, porn is also likely to be the one thing they can’t get enough of!
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  1. Sagittarius
Ruled by Jupiter, the planet that brings luck, Sagittarians are most likely to give in to the temptations of gambling and drinking. And what’s more? Their outgoing nature furthers these habits!
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  1. Capricorn – Pills and eating disorders
The kind of people who care a lot about what other people think about them. The vices they like to indulge in? Something that doesn’t attract attention from people around them, like pills or eating disorders. They are the ones in the office who pretend to have headaches and keep popping pills!
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  1. Aquarius – Video games
Okay, video games are harmless, but Aquarians use them to escape from life. And since they have an analytical intellect, the alterative reality video games provide is a perfect way to channel their emotions!
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  1. Pisces – Alcohol
Where do highly sensitive people seek escape? At the bottom of the bottle, of course! Everyone might have a drink or two once in a while, but the Piscean is bound to make it into a habit. Your friend texting you if you want to go drinking every day? Time for an intervention!
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