Insomniacs, Over Here! 7 Sleep Gadgets For Better Sleep


What is the one thing that we all have in common? Sleep. And boy, we love sleeping! A sound, restful and energizing sleep is what everyone wants. Good hours of sleep help your body function at its best. A recent study has shown that sleep can protect your brain. Now why would you not want to sleep? Too bad sleep as a profession doesn’t exist. What does exist are gadgets that help you sleep! The essentials are pillows, blankets and a bed, but now even gadgets help you sleep! So the best way to gift someone sleep? Sleep gadgets.

Here are 7 sleep gadgets for better sleep:

  1. Calm Aura Lamp

You can record voices, songs, videos but sleep? The Calm Aura Lamp records your sleep. No, doesn’t record you sleeping! It records your sleeping environment like noise pollution, room temperature and light level and promotes sleep with melatonin inducing blue light and soothing frequencies that attempt to mimic your body’s circadian rhythms. The lamp visualizes your sleep cycles, understands what wakes you up, compares nights and personalize your wake-up and fall-asleep programs. Now that’s a mouthful, but don’t you worry. Just switch on the lamp and sleep it off!

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  1. Jawbone UP Wristband

A watch tells the time, but the Jawbone UP Wristband tells you to sleep. It monitors your sleep cycles and tells you how much deep sleep you’re getting. It tracks how many times you woke up in the middle of the night but wakes you up with gentle vibrations. Such a gentle gadget. It tells you to sleep and wakes you up, gently!

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  1. Fitbit Sleep

The Fitbit Sleep also called the Fitbit Ultra is a small sleeping package. A wristband that monitors your sleep pattern at night. It is a well-designed device that displays an accurate count of steps taken, stairs climbed, and calories burned through a sophisticated motion sensor and calculates the sleep you need. Fitbit Sleep, so you can sleep fit!

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  1. NightWave

The main reason people can’t sleep is because their minds just won’t shut up! A duct tape won’t shut your brain now! Try the NightWave. The pulsing LED light emitted will guide you to a relaxed pre-sleep state or bores you to a point that will make you fall asleep.

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  1. Sleep Infuser

So there’s air conditioner, but have you heard of a sound conditioner? That is exactly what the Sleep Infuser is. Sound conditioners promotes with constant white noise which sounds like rushing water or winds. A house with both, an air and sound conditioner! I’d never leave that house.

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  1. Lavender Eye Pillow

Oh the soothing scent of lavender! The lavender scent not only helps you sleep, but helps in headaches and migraines. Thankfully there’s the Lavender Eye Pillow. Just place it across your eyes and enjoy lavender dreams.

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  1. Teddy Bear

Admit it! We still love sleeping with a teddy bear. Not exactly a gadget, but teddy bears were there before any of these gadgets. Cuddle with it and you’d sleep like a baby.

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We’ve tried to put you to sleep the modern way with these gadgets. Not helping?

We’re sorry. But don’t worry! There’s always the traditional way.

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