11 Ways Cats Would React While Watching Viral Videos!

Be curious, because this time curiosity won’t kill the cat!

You’ve probably heard the words ‘viral video’ being thrown around a lot. What is a viral video anyway? A video is said to have gone viral after it spreads through the internet by online sharing. It’s not only about the number of views, but also about how much people discuss about the video online or offline. Also, the number of views should increase rapidly in a short amount of time or the buzz dies.

Cat videos are guaranteed to go viral, because who doesn’t love cats? You don’t? Oh. Then all the views must be from crazy cat ladies( us included). Cats are sassy animals, making silly faces that we can’t resist taking pictures of. Let’s turn this idea around. What if cats watched viral videos?

If cats think – in English, because we don’t understand meows – while watching viral videos, this is what they’d be thinking! :

  1. ‘Watching this viral video is a cat-astrophe! I’d rather chew on this cactus!’

    source - www.youtube.com


  2. ‘Yikes! Tell me when the scary part comes so I can close my eyes!’

    source -  www.askideas.com


  3. ‘ Hold my paws, human! This music makes me want to dance!’

    source - s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com

  4. I cannot unsee what I have seen! Turn it off, human, turn it off!’ 

    source - www.youtube.com


  5. ‘OMG, this viral video is ridiculous! Show me some more of these, human!’

    source - www.petsworld.in

  6. ‘Hmmm.....I’m suspicious. Something about this video doesn’t feel right.’ 

    source - www.just4petcare.com

  7. ‘Watch a viral video with YOU? Please. I’m too cool for that shit.’ 

    source - http://eskipaper.com/

  8. ‘ Look at my face. Do I look like I find this viral video amusing? I repeat, I don’t care.’ 

    source - http://media4.popsugar-assets.com/


  9. ‘This is so hilarious! I wish I could show this viral video to my friends!’ 

    source - www.laughspark.com

  10. Is this the kind of viral video a young man like you should be watching? You’re grounded!’ 

    source - s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com

  11. Human, you’ve been watching viral videos wrong your whole life! It looks better sideways!’ 

    source - http://4.bp.blogspot.com/


Speaking of viral videos, would you like to watch some? No we’re not talking about the ones with cats or babies. We’re talking about viral videos that made an impact on us!