11 Unknown Things About Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan Nobody is Talking About

Love horror movies? You can pretend you’re in one at the Bhangarh Fort.  One of the most haunted places in India, this fort is located at the border of Sariska Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan. Built in the 17th century, this place is feared so much that villages don’t settle down near it. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, this is a beautiful historical location to visit. There is a lot about this place that people are unaware of, except for the fact that it’s haunted. Here we list down 11 unknown things about the Bhangarh Fort:

  1. The gates are locked after dusk Due to several incidents where people stayed overnight and never returned, strict rules have been imposed. Nobody is allowed to enter or stay after dusk and before sunrise. This is a serious matter and has been adviced by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).
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  2. It has no electricity Despite being a popular tourist attraction, the place does not have any provision of electricity. After sunset, the place becomes pitch black. Animals make unusual noises that people claim are due to paranormal phenomena.
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  3. Village houses have no roofs Legend claims that a man cursed the Bhangarh Fort, after which roofs began to collapse. Villagers that live nearby build houses without roofs or straw roofs to avoid any collapse.
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  4. The Legend of Princess Ratnavati and Singhia Singhia, a black magician, loved Princess Ratnavati and tried to capture her using black magic in a perfume bottle. She was aware of it and threw it at a boulder that rolled down and crushed him. It is said that Singhia’s ghost wanders around the fort.
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  5. The Legend of Guru Bala Nath Guru Bala Nath allowed the king to build the Bhangarh Fort on the condition that its shadow would not fall on his meditation retreat. The king didn’t respect his wishes so the guru cursed the city to death. Later, the town was ruined and roofs began to collapse.
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  6. Several temples in the area Although many real hauntings have taken place, people wonder why the villagers are unharmed. They believe they are safe because of the several temples they have built. Over 7 Hindu temples are seen in the area.
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  7. The Johri Bazaar Now an ancient market, it is also known as a ghost market. Locals have seen ghosts, strange lights and heard sounds of dancing which they believe are coming from the haveli (hall) for dancers.
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  8. War against Ajabgarh The real reason the city went to ruins is because of a war between Bhangarh and Ajabgarh that destroyed each other. Over 10,000 people of the Bhangarh fort died fighting in the war. Ajabgarh recovered but Bhangarh remained empty for centuries thereafter.
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  9. The most popular scary real story One story talks of a boy who visited the fort with his friends after sunset. The boy fell into a well but was immediately rescued by his friends. They rushed him to a hospital, but their car crashed on the way. All three of them died on the spot.
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  10. Population decrease in 1700’s A downfall in the population of Bhangarh Fort was due to a famine called ‘Chalisa’ in 1783. The famine was so severe that it is said to have wiped out half of the population in North India.
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  11. Dangerous wild animals A reason that the government banned entry after dusk is because of the possibility of animal attacks. The Bhangarh fort is built near a tiger reserve. Wild animals such as foxes, panthers and tigers may be found prowling around.
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