11 Times The World Was Weirder Than You

1. The Thaipusam Festival – India Your piercings are babies compared to those of the fanatical devotees in Tamil Nadu. They pierce their body parts with skewers and hooks. Talk about body barbeque.
source-nbcnews.com source-nbcnews.com
2. Night of the Radishes - Mexico On a cold creepy November night, radishes murder you in your sleep( or so we thought). It’s actually a festival in Mexico where people carve obese radishes and win prizes for the best scene.
source-soiledandseeded.com source-soiledandseeded.com
3. The Redneck Games - USA What happens when you insult a redneck? They celebrate stereotypes! We’re playing games like toilet seat cover toss, armpit serenades and watermelon seed spitting competitions.
source-gettyimages.com source-gettyimages.com
4. Konaki Sumo - Japan Babies and Sumo wrestlers, a duo that confuse you. The wrestlers each hold a baby(which probably isn’t theirs) and whoever can make his baby cry first is the winner. If you’re a cry baby, please sign up.
source-listamaze.com source-listamaze.com
5. Air Guitar Championships - Finland Ever thought finger dancing in the air when a guitar solo comes would get you famous? Well in Finland, you can play air guitar and win a prize.
source-en.wikipedia.org source-en.wikipedia.org
6. Worm Charming – England Get ready to charm the socks off – or onesies? - of worms from a 10 x 10 sized area on the ground. The most worms that you can probe to come out will make you a winner! Come out, come out little worms!
source-shropshirestar.com source-shropshirestar.com
7. Bathroom Ban – Indonesia Newly wed couples in Indonesia party a bit differently. They are banned from using the bathroom for the first three days or else it will bring terrible luck to them(or kidney infection). People keep watch on them and they are given minimal food and water. Marriage is never easy, huh.
source-creativecultureint.com source-creativecultureint.com
8. World Toe Wrestling Championships – England Flex those biceps all you want boys, here you have to lock your feet and wrestle till your feet knock out. Guess which event has high foot fetish viewers?
source-wefeedviral.com source-wefeedviral.com
9. Bullet Ants Glove – Brazil Are you a man? In Brazil you’re not! The Satere-Mawe tribe’s coming-of-age initiation for boys involves placing their hand in a glove filled with bullet ants. Here’s the horror climax, these ant stings feel like bullet wounds. Gulp. Let’s never grow up.
source-whenonearth.net source-whenonearth.net
10. The Blackening – Scotland We might smear our brides and grooms with turmeric here, but far away in the land of Scotland, people coat them in stuff like soot, feathers, food, adhesives and basically make them gross. This way, if evil spirits go to them they’ll say “Hell no!” and move along.
source-womensviewsonnews.org source-womensviewsonnews.org
11. Geese Police – China You read that right. China sleeps soundly because their geese patrol at night. They shriek and get aggressive when strangers approach them and span their windgs like a lunatic. Thus, they are the dark knights China deserves, but not the one it needs right now.
source-.en.people.cn source-.en.people.cn
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