11 Times Our Favorite Characters Made Us Hate Them

Who do we love?! People who don’t exist! Whether it’s TV shows, movies or books, we always pick a favourite character. We can’t handle it when they do bad things. We feel like disappointed parents. People make mistakes, so characters can too, right? Even if they suck sometimes, we still adore them! Here are 11 times our favorite characters messed up big time:

  1. Daenerys Stormborn – Game of Thrones Forget princesses, everybody wants to be a Khaleesi now. First she cast Jorah into the land of ‘Friendzone’, which was fine. Casting him off into exile though? Not cool. You take that back right now young lady!
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  2. Severus Snape – Harry Potter Potterheads get teary-eyed when it comes to Snape, “Always”. However Mr.Turn-to-page-394 made us want to beat him up for killing Dumbledore. Who kills fuzzy old men!?
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  3. Damon Salvatore – The Vampire Diaries Damn, Damon. He’s got a jawline that cuts through every sin he’s committed. His kill count says serial killer. His sexy sarcasm says swoon. Crushing on bad boys, we never learn do we?
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  4. Sheldon Cooper – The Big Bang Theory Sheldon’s not crazy, his mother had him tested. When he’s not being oddly adorable, he’s like an annoying 10 year old. Go to your room, Sheldon!
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  5. Sherlock Holmes – Sherlock Just because he’s a highly functioning sociopath doesn’t mean he can be a Mean Girl. Yeah yeah, he’s a mystery solving genius. But look how he treats John!
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  6. Ross Geller – Friends Rachel tells Ross that they need a break. Ross gets emotional, drunk and spends the night with another woman. Smart move, Ross. This will definitely win Rachel’s heart!
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  7. Walter White – Breaking Bad His bald head shines as much as he does in the show. He loves to give Jesse a hard time though. He’s threatened him, made him kill, kicked him out of business (you get the drift). Stop harassing Jesse, you big bully!
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  8. Barney Stinson – How I Met Your Mother When Barney’s sad he stops being sad and becomes awesome instead! This legendary man charms a lady a day to keep relationships away. *coughcough* Commitment issues, much?
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  9. Deadpool – Deadpool Nobody’s got swag like Deadpool. He’s hilarious even when he slays the bad guys. The problem? He pays his cab driver, Dopinder, with high fives. Some of us need to earn, Deadpool!
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  10. Bucky – Captain America: Civil War Captain America and Bucky are best friend goals. We can’t help but feel bad for Bucky, until he kills Iron Man’s parents. Get your act together man!
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  11. Joker Joker, despite his creepy smile and villian tactics, is respected. “Why so serious?”, he asks. Maybe because you’re killing people, genius!
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