11 Nostalgic Train Times from Childhood All of Us will Relate To

The sound of the loud whistle, steam blowing from the engine, and the sound trains make on tracks! Yes, we know how much you love trains and cherish every memory associated with them! Especially the ones from childhood!

As kids, no part of traveling was as fascinating and fun as train journeys! Right from assembling bags under the seat (tougher than geometry!) to fighting for the best seat with siblings, none of us will ever forget those train rides! And you know what? No matter how amazing airplanes can be, they don’t stand a chance to trains, no matter how long they get!

So obviously while we were making travel plans for the next few months, we started recollecting all those precious childhood moments. We are sure you share some of these memories as well:

  1. Asking parents every five minutes the names of railway stations or how long it will take to reach the destination. Can’t blame us for being curious, can you?! They got annoyed, but our cuteness made up for it!
    source - loco2.com



  1. Rajdhani soup! If there’s one train whose food we have all eaten without complaint, it’s the Rajdhani Express! And four out of five people we asked had wonderful memories of the soup they served on the train!
    source - youtube.com



  1. What the vendors had in their baskets was interesting, but what was more interesting was the way they said ‘cold driiiiiiinks’! And trying to imitate them? Pure joy! Double points to the person who said it perfectly!
    source - jonahkessel.com



  1. Finding strangers to play dumb charades or Uno with on the train! No matter how short the journey, you’d never forget those friends you made on the train!
    source - mi-fotografenwettbewerb.com



  1. “Oh, did you see that tiny river?” “No, I missed it, but did you see that house on the mountain?!” As the train sped by, we tried taking in every single detail of the passing landscape, especially on cold mornings!
    source - sanjayphotoworld.com



  1. Remember how confused you were when you had to choose between the lower berth, middle berth, and upper berth? And then switching constantly, climbing up and down between berths, troubling every adult around us!
    source - rediff.com



  1. There is no comparison to the smells and sights of an Indian railway station at early morning! From adrak wali chai to piping hot samosas, all of these hold a special place in our hearts! And no matter how much you ate, you bought something to munch on at every station you stopped at!
    source - reuters.com



  1. That moment when Dad allowed us to stand near the door for 10 seconds. Not kidding, those few seconds were the best moments of the long train journeys! Special moments? Indeed!
    source - thebetterindia.com



  1. The only time when parents or grandparents would allow you to take food from strangers! Remember those kind people who gave you handfuls of candies?! Best feeling ever!
    source - scoopwhoop.com



  1. Family trip? Playing pakda pakdi or hide and seek with cousins was kind of a ritual, wasn’t it? How long did your games last? We think we lost count after a couple of hours!
    source - padhaaro.com



  1. You might have forgotten all your other childhood memories, but you won’t ever forget your first great train journey! Nothing says ‘unforgettable’ like traveling in trains when you were growing up!
    source - thrillophilia.com



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