11 Embarrassing Life Situations You Can Never Be Prepared For

Life comes with situations you sometimes deal with and sometimes…you just can’t. Such situations always make us feel embarrassed in front of a crowd or our crush. And you can’t help but hide your face and run from there.

Let’s look at these 11 most embarrassing moments life’s put us through at least once:

  1. When you aren’t aware of your surroundings….We’d rather get up from that seat. No kidding!
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  2. When you have a heavy lunch which in turn gives you a lot of gas. You try to hold in till the longest. You’re back to work on your desk and something falls down. You bend to pick it up and fart out loud!
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  3. When you’re crushing on this really cute guy at work and he comes to talk to you regarding some work. He asks you about something and you’re just like ………………
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  4. When you’re in college, writing an exam. All’s going well until you sneeze and fart at the same time….DURING A TEST!!
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  5. When during a presentation, you get really nervous. You start sweating more than the usual and all that everybody can notice is your horrific pit stain….including the girl you’ve been trying to impress! *Efforts in drain*
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  6. When you’re so engrossed talking to your best friend while walking towards the loo. You don’t realize you walked in the men’s loo till you notice three guys staring at you and the toilet you’re standing in front of.
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  7. When you walk with a bottle of water and bump into somebody and accidently drop water on your pants. Yeah! Not a good sight for other’s to notice at all!
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  8. When you move around acting all cool until someone gutsy enough comes up to you and whispers in your ear, “Your zipper is down”. Now everybody around you knows what kind of underwear you wear.
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  9. When you’re sitting on one of those rolling chairs at work and you try to pull yourself in a stretch so hard that you tilt and fall from the chair. Such a free show for the people around you. Such an entertainer!
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  10. When you’re in the bus with your friend and gossiping about this really hot guy at work. You sound horny AF while describing him in a loud tone. Everything’s cool until you come to know that he’s sitting right behind your seat and could listen to your conversation. *Finds a place to hide*
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  11. When you’re a dancer and your pants tear while you make a split. Good job! *slow claps* 11
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