11 Celebrity Stalker Stories That Send Shivers Down Your Spine!

Every breath you take, every move you make
every bond you break, every step you take
Nobody is watching you!

But if you were a celebrity, many people would! We’ve brought forth the creepiest
celebrity stalker stories out there that make you relieved that your fame game is ZERO.

Here are 11 celebrity stalker stories that will give you the shivers:

  1. Christina Grimmie
     Kevin Loibl had an unhealthy obsession with 22 year-old-singer Christina, whom he referred to as his soulmate. He started to believe in God after discovering that she was a proud Christian, claiming that he saw God exist in her. On June 10th this year, he shot Christina after her performance in Orlando and shot himself shortly after.
    source - usmagazine.com

  2. Abhishek Bacchan
    Model Jhanvi Kapoor, was mesmerized by Abhishek during the filming of the song ‘Dus Bahane’ , where she was a background dancer. Her love knew no bounds, so she showed up one day before his marriage with Aishwarya Rai and claimed to be his wife! To heighten the drama, she even slashed her wrists!
    source - contactphonenumberaddress.com

  3. Madonna
    Robert Dewey Hoskins scared Madonna not once, but twice! He was stalking her during the 90’s. After being sentenced to prison for 10 years, he escaped the mental institution he was at in 2012.
    Love and hatred combined to form the statement where he said he would either marry her or slash her throat.
    source - playbuzz.com

  4. Selena Gomez 
    50 Conversations a day with God about killing Selena Gomez, is what Thomas Brodnicki claimed he had. He asked Selena to file a restraining order against him so that she would come to no harm. How, um, nice of him to do so? She took his advice seriously and a three year restraining order was granted.
    source - eonline.com

  5. Sushmita Sen
    Sushmita’s smitten fan sent her a lot of expensive gifts, which seemed harmless during the time. Later on however, the man gifted her with a bridal gown and wedding accessories. He said her options were to marry him or to die. To make things worse, he even threatened to kill himself if she refused him.
    source - universelol.com

  6. Justin Timberlake
    After Karen McNeil was over her obsession with musician Axl Rose from the band Guns and Roses, she moved on to singer Justin Timberlake. She called herself a God.  She also believed that Justin and she were meant to rule the world together. She would show up at Timberlake’s house and was eventually sent to a psychiatric facility.
    source - hiphop-n-more.com

  7. Shruthi Haasan
    In 2013, an alleged stalker showed up at actress Shruthi’s apartment in the morning. When she opened the door, he tried to force his way in by strangling her, but luckily she was able to escape his grip and slam the door shut. The odd part was that she filed no complaints against him after the incident.
    source - 99pcwallpapers.com

  8. Justin Bieber
    You’re probably thinking of a 13 year old stalker, but this case is different. 45 year- old and imprisoned Dana Martin and his prison buddy Mark Staake decided to castrate Justin and keep his genitals as a souvenir (eww). He sent Justin many love letters which got no replies, which further made him crazy – literally - in love. He admitted to being sexually attracted to Bieber, since he had reached legal age.
    source - s.telegraph.co.uk

  9. Paula Abdul
    Sandra May McIntyre was an enormous fan of singer/choreographer Paula, to the point where she changed her name to Paula Goodspeed when she turned 16. She had an ‘ABL LV’ license plate too. In 2005, she got to meet Paula during her American Idol audition where she got rejected. Depressed by the lack of attention, three years later she committed suicide overdosing in her car, parked in front of Paula Abdul’s home.
    source - hngn.com

  10. Shahid Kapoor
    Bollywood actor Shahid’s stalker was not just another person. Legendary actor Rajkumar’s daughter, Vastavikta Pandit followed him everywhere and bought a flat near his building just to follow him around. In some instances she even claimed to be his wife. Eventually her obsession forced Shahid to file a police complaint.
    source - scoopwhoop.com

  11. Beyonce
    Bassey Essien was quite the unusual stalker. He believed that the real Beyonce was killed and replaced by an imposter Beyonce who was living the celebrity life. He began to send her threatening letters calling out on her being a fraud. She made sure to have a stronger security and finally succeeded in sentencing him with an anti-harassment order.
    source - indianexpress.com

    *Shudders* Looks like your life may be better than a celebrity’s life after all!