11 Berry Desserts that are Basically the #FoodPorn You Need in Life

Summer’s here and so are berries! Time to make desserts out of berries, or at least eat them!

It’s time to indulge in the most delicious fruity desserts this season and have a sweet, sweet summer. Either make them yourself or head on to your favourite bakery to get your fix of these desserts:

  1. Raspberry pavlova Looks like heaven, tastes even better! Excuse us while we fall in love with this raspberry pavlova!
    1 Raspberry pavlova Source - casualbaker.com
  2. Sherbet Look forward to a refreshing summer with sherbets made of berries of every kind. Did someone say blackberry sherbet?!
    2 Blackberry sherbet Source - babble.com
  3. Lemon-blueberry cream pie Creamy, fruity, lemony, and blueberry! We are thinking weekend brunches and lots of slices of this cream pie!
    3 Lemon blueberry cream pie Source - southernliving.com
  4. Blackberry cobbler Cook up a tray or two of blackberry cobbler, call some friends over, and hog! Most mouthwatering calories you will ever consume!
    4 Blackberry cobbler Source - thetasteoforegon.com
  5. Blueberry galette How beautiful does this dessert look? If you’ve never tried a galette, we suggest starting it with the blueberry based one. Absolutely yum!
    5 Blueberry galette Source - food52.com
  6. Blueberry-orange parfait This parfait is so perfect, it will have you licking your spoons! Plus, blueberry and oranges sound like the perfect combo!
    6 Blueberry orange parfait Source - cookinglight.com
  7. Strawberry rhubarb pie We are saying this from experience, there is no such thing as too many slices of strawberry rhubarb pie. SO delicious!
    7 Strawberry rhubarb pie Source - thefauxmartha.com
  8. Raspberry cookies Don’t these cookies look so pretty?! Perfect for your Instagram feed as well as your sweet tooth!
    8 Raspberry cookies Source - epicurious.com
  9. Raspberry ribbons Oh so fancy! If you are throwing a tea party or something equally elegant, we suggest adding raspberry ribbons to the menu!
    9 Raspberry ribbons Source - bettycrocker.com
  10. Berry tartlets If you can’t resist cute desserts just like us, we are sure you won’t be able to stop having too many of these tartlets!
    10 Berry tartlets Source - Oh Joy
  11. Berry pops Slurp! The best way to stay cool is to consume as many of these berry pops as you can. What else? You can totally DIY them!
    11 Berry pops Source - recipeshubs.com
Sweet enough? We thought so! For more on desserts, read this article!