11 Absolutely Hilarious Tumblr Posts that will Give You Life

The internet sure is a great place to be. No matter which social network you use, you’re bound to come across some outrageously funny stuff. We think it’s awesome that humor is so easy to find. Our personal favourite would be Tumblr, though. The sense of humor you find there is sometimes dark, but it’ll always crack you up!

We selected some Tumblr posts that we think are unparalleled:

1. We’ve learned how to make a move on someone, and how to cover it up if it fails.

source - fallarbor-town.tumblr.com

2. We don’t believe it. Drugs are the only way this could’ve happened!

source - twerking4sugardaddy.tumblr.com


3. This monster puts Gabbar to shame!

source - diabolicalillumination.tumblr.com

4. Dealing with religion and feminism like:

source - kim-jong-chill.tumblr.com

5. Over-partying, old English style!

source - tumblr.com

6. Can you blame her? Anybody would curl into a fetal position without ice cream.

source - chongthenomad.tumblr.com


7. The more you know…

source - stevenfresco.tumblr.com

8. YouTube tutorials are very specific and helpful, you know.

source - breakfastburritoe.tumblr.com


9. Survival gear basics: clothes.

source - punkasslouis.tumblr.com

10. We love the sense of humor on this guy!

source - myreligioniskindness.tumblr.com


11. Today in science:

source - the-kellin-under-the-vic.tumblr.com


There’s no small amount of ridiculous in this world. Oh, the (stupid) humanity!