11 Absolutely Absurd but Real Reasons for a Divorce


When you get into something like a marriage, you know it’s meant to be for life. Stuff like ‘until death do us part’ and ‘with this candle I will light your way in the darkness’, countless images and quotes that tell you ‘#relationshipgoals’. That’s how it’s supposed to be, right? Not right. At least not for these guys. The concept of happily-ever-afters is probably a joke to them.

(Anyone thinking of Ross the Divorce Force, yet?)

Whatever their reason may be, we’ve got our list of the most bizarre reasons for filing a divorce, ever:


  1. Not your better half
    Okay so you think your wife has been cheating on you, so your next step would be to confront her. But what’s the fun in that? Why talk through your trust issues when you can just chop your house into half? That’s what this Cambodian man did! He brought together his side of the family, everyone got really drunk, and they actually cut their house in half. As if that wasn’t drastic enough, they also carried away his half of the house over to a different location!
    source - telegraph.co.uk

  2. When you just can’t stand (in front of) each other
    Sometimes, when you’re hurt, you put up metaphorical walls to keep away people as you heal, right? This couple took it just a tad bit far. When the wife claimed that her husband was abusing her physically and mentally, they put up a wall through the middle of their 3-story home. A literal wall.
    source - therapytribe.com

  3. Broken record, AKA snitching parrots
    They’d been married for twelve years, so you’d expect they knew a thing or two about a lasting marriage. But the husband called for divorce because his wife taught their parrot to call him a fat slob. When this was questioned in court, he defended himself by saying, “She’s fatter!”
    source - therapytribe.com

  4. Turns out, you CAN be too ugly for the law
    This could pass off as offensive and shallow, if you ask us, but this man filed a divorce on the grounds of how ugly his wife was. When his beautiful wife had their baby who looked nothing like either of them, she confessed she’d undergone plastic surgery to look the way she did.
    source - rt.com

  5. Online dilemma
    With the changes your life goes through once you’re married, you don’t have much time for social media updates. But that didn’t stop this woman from divorcing her husband. For the life of her, she couldn’t understand why he didn’t change his Facebook status to ‘married’.
    source - independent.co.uk

  6. Best example of Gothic fashion!
    Husband steals clothes of corpses from cemeteries.
    He updates his wardrobe with these fashionable ‘steals’.
    Wife finds out.
    source - wikipedia.org

  7. Mumma’s boy
    Is it a legit reason to get a divorce if your husband gets his mother along for your honeymoon? This woman certainly thought so!
    source - telegraph.co.uk

  8. Peek-A-Boo
    Most of the Middle-East is known for the veiled attire of their women, so it’s not that weird if the husband hadn’t seen his wife’s face for 30 years after they got married. Okay, it is really weird. That’s probably what he thought, too. His curiosity got the best of him, and while she was asleep, he tried to take a look at her face. Unfortunately, she woke up and caught him in the act, and filed for a divorce.
    source - dw.com

  9. Too little, too much
    This man got a penis extension when his wife complained that their sex life was dull. All was hunky-dory until the extension broke during sex, which horrified his wife enough to put an end to their marriage.
    source - projecteve.com

  10. You could find anyone on the internet
    Two Jordanians met online (most probably in a porn-related chat room) and were pretty attracted to each other. Both were stuck in unhappy marriages and were looking for that ‘spark’. They decided to meet one fine day, only to realize that they were spouses they were trying to get away from! The only sensible thing to do was to go separate ways.
    source - cartoonstock.com

  11. Barter systems and their problem with value placement
    We totally side with this man’s decision to get a divorce. Like, what would YOU have done if your wife’s mother traded your two-year-old for a toy poodle?
    source - pinterest.com


It’s not late, you can still find ways to redeem your relationship before it gets to a crazy breakup.