10 WTF Indian Facebook Posts That Are Way Beyond Hilarious

Facebook is funny, agreed. But the people out there are even funnier! What they post, what they comment, what they like and share, it is all just hilarious! That’s one lot! But then there’s another lot too! The overboard ones! These are people who just defy the existence of the word funny and take it to the next level! They literally, with or without efforts make you go “What the f*&$ in f*&^%$g hell did I even f@#$%^g read dude?!”

Here are ten of the best Indian Facebook posts that will crack you up in no time!

PS They are crazy AF

1. The Desi Spiderman

What? WHAT? WHAT???



2. Friendship over

Dafuq you doin’ dude, Mudasir’s feelin’ hurt bruh!



3. Cheater

First of all, honey and moon are not two separate words and for God’s sake, please have a look at what you’ve typed son!



4. Engaged much?

Wow! So you got engaged with so many people? Wow! Wow!



5. R.I.P. English

What even??? We can’t even deliberate what he’s trying to say! Dude, are you actually seeking blessings from us so that you can sleep with your brother’s wife? Urgh!



6. Isshhtudd

Gurlz, beware of dis kewl dudzzz cuz u myt jus end up gettn a crush on him!



7. Photoshop master

Seriously, kkkk…



8. The slayer

Say what? Really? Okay then, we believe you Sir!



9. Hubby aka brother

She tied a rakhi to her husband for the first time! Apparently…



10. Why the existence?!

Why God, WHY?!! Le eyes hurt!


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