10 Thoughts we have Watching Kangana and Hrithik Play Dirty Scandal

With their clash getting nastier, we can’t help but share candid thoughts that run through our mind everyday looking at new developments in this case. Hrithik and Kangana are in the ring, ready to slam each other and we are here to share what we really feel about this entire episode:

  • Why isn’t Kangana focusing on better films like Queen? Be strong through that arm cramp, girl.
    Kangana Source - urbanasian.com
  • What does the Pope have to say about Hrithik’s comment about him? Thinking out loud is an understatement!
    Hrithik Roshan Source - huffingtonpost.in
  • Are we supposed to choose sides? Should we choose the frog that turned into a king or the hot dude on the horse? Tough AF!
    Hrithik & Kangana Source - filmfare.com
  • Who really has the mental disorder here? Pass me pssst and the ah thing here!
    4 Kangana Hrithik Source - indianexpress.com
  • This scandal is certainly growing on us, so many twists pe twists! Have you ever tried to pick your parrot’s nose? FTW? Yeah, exactly, bro. That’s how we feel
    5 Kangana Hrithik Source - wdur.net
  • When is this coming to an end? Is this a battle or a war?
    6 Kangana Hrithik Source - deccanchronicle.com
  • Well, that’s how rich people fight. Eh?
    7 Kangana Hrithik Source - India.com
  • This is basically meant for Rakhi Sawant and Mika Singh but they didn’t have enough budget. Hell Yeah!
    8 Kangana Hrithik Source -bollywoodlife.com
  • What could be the possible background score for this scandal? Game time! Guess, guess!
    9 Kangana Hrithik Source - thenewsminute.com
  • MIND GAMES..so.many.options
    10 Kangana Hrithik Source - mid-day.com
Bet, you’ve never had a buzz like this in a long time!