10 Things You Will Miss After College

10. Student Discounts: Discounts at coffee shops, movie theatres etc on student ID cards are the perks that come along with being college. Also, you are not really judged too harshly if you don't tip the waiter or the valet. student-discount-poster-1-5617057 9. College socials/youth festival: The place where everyone gets a fair chance to be a model/singer/dancer/artist and also where friendships are made and romances bloom. college-fest 8. Vacations: One thing that motivates you through exams. They might get boring after a while but you won't ever get an extended time to do vellagiri at any other point in your life. vacation 7. Canteen Food: It could be bad, it could be good. But it stays with you for the rest of your life. The canteen guy and the canteen food are the things most people still fondly remember years after college. vadapav-cutting-chai 6. That one teacher who made all the difference: He/she is the one worth all the gratitude you have towards them. Or, you know, the hot or the cute one who's lectures you made sure you never missed.

Young Indian Mathematics Teacher in a Classroom

5. Bunking Lectures: For so many of those stories would not have happened, if you had attended a lecture instead. bunking1 4. Wearing the over sized college t-shirt: Always so comfortable and perfect to flaunt while participating in the college sports events.

college t shirts

3. Meeting new people: No better place to meet new people and build lifelong friendships/relationships.


2. Exams: Are you kidding me, you ask? We mean the sense of relief after you get done with the exams and the sense of achievement after you get to know you have passed. Not the exams itself. exams 1. Roomies/Friends: Your college buddies stuck around for years and will probably be there with you for a long time. Meeting them everyday in college was something you were used to which is not going to be the case after college. Make sure you stay in touch with them!