10 ten minute exercises for a good heart

So we all have been there at a point of time where our stress level was so high, that other people were more worried about us. We have literally heard them go like “Wow you need to look after yourself!”

Well, fret not; we do have a solution for your health worries because you are damn right! Stress really does decrease your heart life.

For all those who are looking towards creating a better life for their heart and for those who plan to take precautions earlier on itself..this is a the simplest guide you can ever get!

Let’s begin..

  1. Yoga

There’s nothing like it, hands down. Yoga is super, whatsoever! It is not just good for your physical health but also good for mental and spiritual being.

Workout time: 1 minute breathing exercise

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  1. Dance

Do the moves, do the moves! Dance away with all your heart, for your heart! Best way to enjoy exercising! Agree?

Workout time: a 3 minute song

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  1. Warm up

Stretch yourself from top to bottom! This is the warm up that most hardcore-exercisers do! But here we are only asking you to take up their warm-up session as an exercise!

Workout time: 10 minutes of proper stretching

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  1. Squats

Although benefitting more to the lower part of your body, squats are a healthy way to increase your cardiovascular health. Yes, seriously guys!

Workout time: 6 minute butt workout (besides your heart)

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  1. Plank

Stretching and squats are not enough, strengthening of your muscles is also required for a healthy heart. We say the best type of strengthening exercise should be a plank!

Workout time: However long you can hold on (lol)

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  1. Cardio

As the name suggests, cardio is the best for your cardiovascular health! Go ahead, engage in walking, running, jogging, etc.

Workout time: 10 minutes of any of these

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  1. Sex

The best kind of workout with all the perks, especially good for your heart! Why? Eases stress and relieves pain. Yay!

Workout time: We need all the ten minutes please!

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  1. Lunges

Doing lunges, we target multiple muscle groups while bettering the health and age of our heart too! Awesome we say!

Workout time: 7 minutes

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  1. Weight training

This is the kind of exercise that is going to increase your endurance; hence, very important for your heart health. Most common kind of conditioning exercise is the weight training!

Workout time: 7-10 minutes

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  1. Cool down

This is very important when you need to stop the exercising session you just had. It cools down your heart rate. PS Do not stop immediately, slow down and stop it eventually and you’re good to go!

Workout time: Sit down for a good 5 minutes

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So, have we started working towards our heart as yet? If not, do it, because your heart needs it!