10 Songs You Didn’t Know Were About Drugs

The world of music is riddled with drug-abusing artists. From Kurt Cobain to Robert Plant to Syd Barrett, there’s hardly any big-time band or musician who hasn’t gotten caught up in this psychedelic world. We can’t deny the otherworldly experience that drugs can have on your conscience, and it’s no wonder that so many famous songs have come around only because of the influence of substance.

While the list could actually go on forever, we decided to pick our top ten favourites:

  1. David Bowie – Like A Rocket Man
    The song starts with “Little Wendy cocaine stumbles up the hill to pain”. There’s nothing more to say.

  2. Miley Cyrus – Dooo It
    Cyrus got a lot of attention for the video of this song. It is weird and almost makes us uncomfortable. But we love her voice, and she loves peace (and pot).

  3. Kid Cudi – Marijuana
    This song’s duration is literally 4:20, and is ALL about his love for cannabis. Such a typical stoner.

  4. Tool – The Pot
    Mixing references to drug intoxication and hypocrisy, The Pot has some very quotable lyrics and subtle dual meanings.

  5. The Weeknd – I Can’t Feel My Face
    It could have other interpretations too, but we’re going to stick with it being a love song for cocaine, thank you.

  6. Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit
    Obvious lyrical references to Alice in Wonderland are made, and the use of psychedelic drugs is insinuated, too. Allow Grace Slick to ‘feed your head’.

  7. The Beatles – Got to Get You into My Life
    Paul McCartney has claimed publicly that this song is an ‘ode to pot’, and we’re not going to deny that.

  8. Velvet Underground – Heroin
    The substance is in the name, isn’t it? Lou Reed has more songs about drugs to his name apart from Heroin.

  9. Bush – Swallowed
    While fans have a gala time debating over the meaning of this song, it’s on our list because of its obvious references to heroin addiction. “Loaded up”, “I slip some/boil away”. It’s right there.

  10. Grandmaster Flash – White Lines
    Come on. White lines. This song, unlike the ones we’ve mentioned so far, actually warns against the dangers of cocaine addiction and drug smuggling. It’s still about drugs and is quite out there, so it’s quite out here, too.

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