10 Songs That Will Make You Want To Run The Extra Mile!

Credit - Zainab Haji We are all about that work out! And a good workout needs a good playlist! Enter, this list of songs that are so good you’ll get to work!
  1. Party Hard – Andrew W. K. He is the philosopher of partying and a workout should be as much fun as partying! 

  2. 212 - Azealia Banks The fast beats of this song will make you run the extra mile! 

  3. Sinnerman – Nina Simone, Felix Da Housecat If this song doesn’t make you want to work out, what will? 

  4. Search and destroy – The Stooges Duh! This song will also suffice your ‘intense work out’ needs! 

  5. Go – Santigold (feat. Karen O) This song is what goodness is made of! 

  6. Yoga – Janelle Monae Not only good for yoga but also for running, this song is the ultimate workout song! 

  7. Maniac – Michael Sembello This song is so good it will give you an adrenaline rush! 

  8. Smooth criminal – Michael Jackson MJ, enough said! 

  9. Don’t give up – The Noisettes Seriously! Don’t give up! 

  10. Kyrie – Mr. Mister This song will make you feel like an eagle. Period. 

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