10 Films On Netflix To Watch When You’re High as a Kite

Picture this: you’ve just rolled a joint. You’ve smoked up and the THC’s beginning to work on your mind. Your friends are getting high too, but you guys don’t know what to do for the next couple of hours. Ordering some food is going to take a while, let alone the delivery.

Before everyone starts to think you’re a loser, how about you log into your Netflix and pick a movie that’s sure to make the best of your high? Here’s what you should watch:

  1. Pineapple Express
    This stoner film has the best genres rolled into one (see what we did there?)- action, comedy, and crime. The plot revolves around a process server and his weed dealer who are on the run from corrupt police after witnessing a murder. With Seth Rogen and James Franco, we can’t see how this choice could ever go wrong.
    source - firstshowing.net

  2. Tropic Thunder
    Action comedy done so right it makes you want to scream. Featuring Ben Stiller, Jack Black, and Robert Downey Jr. in a war-based theme, and very distinctive characters and backstories, Tropic Thunder is a joyride from the beginning to the end.
    source - marineford.com

  3. 21 Jump Street
    Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum appear in this crazily popular stoner action comedy. Working as cops undercover to find out the supplier of a synthetic drug, you’ll re-experience high school with a drugged kick.
    source - lalalandrecords.com

  4. Half Baked
    A straight-out stoner comedy, Dave Chappelle and Jim Breuer’s characters are forced to sell marijuana so they can bail their friend out of jail. They get caught up in a big mess with a drug lord and you’re just going to have to watch the movie to know the rest.
    source - top-movies.biz

  5. Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny
    Jack Black strikes with an absolute laughter riot following the journey of a boy who just wanted to become a rock legend. Also starring Kyle Gass, you’re going to be in splits when you watch this after a smoking session. Do NOT miss this movie.
    source - en.wikipedia.org

  6. Beavis and Butt-head Do America
    This infamous duo set out to recover their stolen television, traveling over America on this quest. With a rebellious and ridiculous, destructive attitude, this film is going to be a hit amongst you and your friends.
    source - youtube.com

  7. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
    If you want to set the right mood for your munchies, this sci-fi comedy animated movie is exactly what you need. Flint Lockwood makes it rain food, quite literally, on the tiny island of Swallow Falls. Even before you’re halfway through this movie, you’ll have ordered practically everything on the menu. Talk about being baked!
    source - wall.alphacoders.com

  8. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
    Based on a graphic novel by Bryan Lee O’Malley, Michael Cera in this action comedy is a musician who must battle his girlfriend’s seven evil exes. Made very much like a video game, Scott Pilgrim is sure to entertain you when you enjoy your high.
    source - hiddenheroesfilm.wordpress.com

  9. Trainspotting
    Again taken from a novel, this film is all about a group of heroin addicts and their journey through the ups and downs of life in Edinburgh. Trainspotting ranks 10th best in the Top 100 British films of all time, so don’t think twice and stream it on Netflix now!
    source - slashfilm.com

  10. How High           
    This flick takes the highly fantasized idea of marijuana helping with better grades and delivers a great stoner comedy. Bring out your bong and peace out with Redman and Method Man.
    source - en.wikipedia.org


If you spotted any of your favourites here, take a look at some of the best music you can listen to when you’re smoking that doobie.